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Friday Five

Friday, November 6, 2015

one// My week has been rather boring, yet pretty productive! Blake and I both weren't feeling that great on Tuesday so we both took a sick day. Instead of watching tv all day, which sounded so good, we wanted to be productive. And I have to say that was one of the best days ever! We basically spring cleaned our entire house, but to the tenth degree! We moved furniture and accumulated quite the pile for our yard sale. *pride*

two// Remember when I said I finally won a blog giveaway?! That was a month ago and I finally decided what I wanted to spend my gift card on. This is such a lame grown up thing, but I have wanted a new microwave since we got married. Blake had one, so I didn't feel the need to register for one. Regret! The one he had was amazing. It cooked anything you wanted in basically 3 seconds. But, it was ugly and ginormous. We have a super tiny kitchen and it didn't fit on the counter. We ended up buying a cabinet for it and sticking it in the dining room. Not ideal... So anyway, Blake did his whole consumer reports thing and we picked one that fits our kitchen much better! And of course the best part, it was free! Oh and I still have $4 left on my gift card, hehe.

three// I mentioned going through my books in my post yesterday. I haven't read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up like the rest of the bloggerverse yet, but I have been reading a bit about the philosophy. I love the idea of getting rid of things that don't bring you joy. If something doesn't make you happy, why do you have it? It hit me last week that my books, while I love how they look on the shelf, don't really bring me joy anymore. I love reading. And these books did make me happy while I was reading them, but the fact that they take up space and collect dust does not bring me joy. 
So, I came home and started pulling them off the shelf! Not going to lie, it did make me feel very anxious and my stomach started hurting! I texted about 7 pictures like the ones below to a book loving friend to see if she wanted to add to her collection. Fortunately she took home at least half of my pile, which made me happy they were going to a good home. 
After thinking about it, I haven't bought an actual paper book in like 2 years. I kept a few of my very favorites, but I know if I want to read any of these again I can always run up to the library or download the ebook. No regrets!

four// Here are a few blog posts that I saved on Bloglovin recently that I thought I'd share:
- This gorgeous fall outfit from Lofty Closet
- Mermaid Plush Dolls DIY from A Beautiful Mess
- DSLR Basics from Jade and Oak
- Preppy/Floridian Apartment tour from Lucky Day
- Foxy Flats from College Prepster
- Why I Don't Keep Up With Celebrity Gossip from Simplicity Relished 

five// T Minus TWENTY days until our cruise! I'm so excited! I am so feeling the pressure to get my fitness act together. Probably too late, but I'm trying! Such torment waiting for fall weather here, and I bet it will finally be gorgeous right when I'm pulling out my bathing suits to pack for the cruise.

Have a great weekend!

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