Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fall TV

I love that in the summer it doesn't get dark until late. There is so much to do in the evenings outside while it's warm. Our summer evenings have been scheduled to the max! Whether there are chores to do, errands to run, or walks to take. That doesn't leave much time for tv. Honestly we haven't been watching too much tv at all lately! 
The fall is different though. The time change makes it dark earlier and our days don't seem so packed. Although I love the summertime, I am really missing our favorite shows! Here is a list of when some of my favorites are coming back on. 

Castle: Mon. Sept. 21st
Grey's Anatomy: Thurs. Sept. 24th
Once Upon A Time: Sun. Sept. 27th
The Flash: Tues. Oct. 6th
Arrow: Wed. Oct. 7th

New Shows: 
Supergirl: Mon. Oct. 26th
Heroes Reborn: Thurs. Sept. 24th

Leave me a comment: What shows are you looking forward to coming back? Any new ones you are curious about? 

xoxo Kristen


  1. You must be a huge DC fan. My husband loves those shows too.

    1. This is totally my husband' doing!! I never would have imagined I would be a fan of superheros and Star Trek!
      That's okay though because I make him watch The Bachelor with me haha!