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This Week: July 17th

Friday, July 17, 2015

I'm Watching:  I saw this video this week of a Great White who was stuck on the beach. They did rescue him, which is awesome. However, the whole time I was watching I found myself becoming more and more annoyed! Firstly, all the people standing around! Do something people! Call for help, grab a bucket, anything! Also, it took so long for them to actually get this shark back in the water! Two or three people could have just grabbed it by the tail and started pulling it back toward the water. They spent so long trying to find a boat and rope! 

Two videos today! I was also super excited to see the special Star Wars behind the scenes video from Comic Con. Anybody else geeking out about the new movies?

I'm Reading:  We've planned another Disney trip in August, and this time we are staying at The Port Orleans Riverside Resort. So I am reading lots of articles like this one about what to expect! So far the reviews have been stellar and I haven't seen a single complaint. I can't wait!

I'm Listening To: I've just shared my current summer playlist! Tell me what's on yours!

I'm Wishing For: Yesterday I signed up for Ipsy. I think it's such a cool idea, but I didn't realize that signing up just puts you on a waitlist. 

I Need To: I've been putting off painting my nails all week, and I really need to do them! Keeping them painted helps keep me from biting them. Maybe I will do that tonight. 

I'm Looking Forward To:  A friend asked me to help her organize her closet and declutter by going through her clothes. I'm so excited about this and so flattered that she asked! I love organizing and I guess I have a bit of a reputation for it now.

I'm Making: Tonight we are having shrimp tacos for dinner. We have been eating out way too much this week, and eating at home has never sounded so good. 

Favorite Moment of the Week: On Tuesday I got to keep my nephew for most of the morning. We had a blast! Carter just turned 1, so he is at a super fun age. I love spending time with him, and it's really cool to see a bond with him form. I loved him from day one, but it's nice that he seems to be returning the favor! It's crazy how much he looks like my brother (his uncle). 

Weekly Delly: And here is your weekly Delly! She was watching us do our ab challenge from her bed...almost taunting us. Side note: It is almost impossible to take a picture of a black dog inside at night.

xoxo Kristen


  1. I love this post you do every week! I am such a Disney fanatic so I love that you go to Disney World often! And your nephew and Delly are both adorable :)

  2. Try the skip await option! Log in to your ipsy account and click “Skip the Waitlist!” at the top of the home page.



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