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Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Tour

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I finally got my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda! I've been talking about getting one for months, ever since they started their pre-ordering. I had one a few years ago and loved it! Then I went digital and back to paper again. There is just something about writing it down that really helps me getting organized and remember details. 
Choosing the pattern and size I wanted was quite the challenge. I went back and forth so many times! I had basically decided to get the Tusk In Sun, but when it came time to add to the cart, I went with the Pink Lemonade in size Medium. You just can't beat pink and green! (Lobstah Roll was a close contender!)
When I had a Lilly agenda a few years ago, I had the large. It was great! But, I really wanted this year's to fit in my purse. So I went with the medium. It's perfect! 
When I was shopping for my agenda I couldn't find too many photos to help me make my decision! Their website had a few of the patterns and what not, but I really wanted to see the inside. If you are thinking about getting one I wanted to share a few pictures I took of mine to help you decide! 
I've included a photo next to my phone for size reference. (I have a Samsung Note 4)

 The first page has a great little pocket for receipts or cards. I love this feature. It's the perfect place for those dentist reminder cards. 
 As always the stickers are adorable! There are a few holiday ones, but mostly they are just cute little prints.
 Next comes the note and addresses section. There is also a full calendar up to 2017. One feature I am already using is the Next Adventure section which helps you organize your travel plans. 
And as always the Month illustrations are great! Here are my two favorites! I love the January one because of the cute map of Florida! My hometown even gets a shout out! There are two adorable manatees on the other page. So cute! And I love the pattern on December! Such a great color combo.

And the back view! It has an elastic band to keep your agenda closed.
 I'm so happy I went with the medium agenda! It fits perfectly into my purse!

Leave me a comment: Did you get a Lilly Agenda this year? How do you like it? What pattern did you choose? 
I hope these pictures help you! Be really proud of me for not busting it open right away and filling it out! I can't believe I managed to take these pictures before writing in it. A serious accomplishment!

xoxo Kristen


  1. Too cute!
    Since I no longer work, I actually enjoy NOT having any sort of planner. Seeing my plan for the week used to make me nauseous back in the day.....

  2. I just got mine the other day! It is the first Lilly one I have owned and I LOVE it. The designs are so pretty and it is so functional! I ended up getting a large one in Lilly's Lagoon!



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