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This Week: June 19th

Friday, June 19, 2015

I'm Watching: Did you know all the seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians are on Hulu?? Totally one of my guilty pleasures. I've been mindlessly watching as I get chores done, and it makes time go by so much faster. Also really entertaining is their slow transformations with various cosmetic surgeries. 

I'm Reading: As much as I LOVED Jurassic World, the internet has gone too crazy with all the posts about it. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the various Buzzfeed articles about it. Like this one about how much it would cost to actually build a dinosaur theme park, or this one about how scientifically inaccurate the movie is (duhh). Also enjoying all of the Chris Pratt posts, haha.

I'm Listening To: This is by far the hardest decision to make! I listen to a lot of music, and a lot of the same music all the time, so sharing one song is a challenge! This week I'm feelin': Middle Distance Runner by Sea Wolf

I'm Wishing For: Okay, how cute is this Midi skirt from Loft??

I Need To: Right now I'm working on my closet. I need to get rid of stuff!! I have so many clothes, most of which I don't really like anymore. My sister and I hit up a favorite consignment store this week and I got like 6 new-to-me tops for like $25! That just means I need to part with a few items that have been pushed aside for my newer things. But, really I need to stop buying things all together.

I'm Looking Forward To: Another dinner tomorrow night with friends we haven't been with in a while!

I'm Making: This week I noticed my friend had on some really unique stacking wire bangles, turns out she made them! She just studied one she bought and after experimenting, made her own with some cool beads. She really inspired me to try to make some myself! 

Favorite Moment of the Week: On Tuesday I had the best day at the beach with my friend Laura and her girls! We have been trying to go to the beach forever, but every time we made plans it seems like there was rain in the forecast. It was worth the wait! We did all the usual things: drip castles and boogie boarding. I kept reapplying sunscreen, but still managed to get a little burnt! That Florida sun is no joke!

  How was your week?! 

xoxo Kristen

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  1. We had a good time too. Definitely the highlight of our week. ;-)



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