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This Week: May 29th

Friday, May 29, 2015

I'm Watching: Last year, I started watching Behind The Mask on Hulu. It was a random selection, I think I was really bored. I ended up loving this little show! It was so endearing and interesting! Season two came out and I finished it really quickly (the episodes are short!) There are more Mascots to meet and they are just as interesting and sweet as last season. After watching, I'm dying to go to a San Francisco Giants game! They have a gorgeous stadium. 

I'm Reading: I just finished The Girl On The Train, and was really inspired to start reading more than I have been. So I started Outlander on a recommendation from a friend. It's good so far, but I haven't made it very deep in the book yet.

I'm Listening To: I've had Cheerleader by Omi in my head for days! 

I'm Wishing For: Last weekend we did a bit of window shopping and I fell in absolute love with this handpainted globe in Anthropologie. It's so gorgeous! I don't think I can stomach paying that much for a globe though. I'm considering trying to make one myself! I've done a bit of online shopping for a globe, but they are really pricey when they aren't handpainted! Looks like it'll have to be a thrift store find.

I Need To: I have a few post ideas written down that I've been super neglectful about. It's time to get writing! 

I'm Looking Forward To: One of our friend's daughters is having her dance recital this weekend that I can't wait to see! I loved being in dance lessons when I was her age, and from what I hear she is really talented!

I'm Making: I have pinned hundreds of recipes on my Pinterest Board that need to finally get made. I'm on a cooking kick, so it's a good a time as ever.

Favorite Moment of the Week: My favorite part of this week was our day off on Monday. We spent it at the beach! I've been dying for a beach day, and boy was it a good one. Really hot though. I applied so many layers of sunscreen and still managed to get burned on the tops of my legs and my chest. We were out there for hours! My uncle ordered us pizza that never tasted so good. Pizza, beer and the beach?? Uhm, yeah!! 

What are you guys up to this week??
xoxo Kristen

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