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Workin' On That Beach Body

Thursday, March 12, 2015

You know that feeling when your pants just feel a bit tighter than they used to...but you don't even want to know what the scale says? That has been me for a month or two. I have found that the winter really gets me into a fitness rut! I just can't be as active as usual when it's freezing outside.  
I've already talked about my past weight loss, where I lost about 20 pounds using a Beachbody program. It was awesome, and I really got into the best shape I probably had ever been in. I was able to maintain that number for at least a year after doing the 90 day program. But, life gets in the way!
One reason (excuse) is the weather. Blake and I got into a great habit of walking a mile or two together a couple times a week when it was warm, but it's basically miserable to do in the cold. In the summer, I do yard work and go swimming- all things that cease when the weather changes. 
Another excuse is that I just don't know how to "work out". I know how to use machines at the gym-but I don't know which ones to use which days. That's why I loved Turbofire so much. It came with a schedule, and I felt guided. 
Well, I couldn't stand it and finally stepped on the scale after avoiding it for so long. Up 4 pounds. Not a huge deal, but it still made it's impact on my ego! I mean swimsuit season is basically here! More than that I want my jeans to fit. 
In my first post about Turbofire, I mentioned that when I did the program the first time I had a workout buddy. Nicole and I faithfully did the workouts every day for 90 days. We may have missed 2 workouts the whole time. She was great and motivating. They were also her dvds, and she moved away (all of a hour away, but I still miss my buddy!). 
I've been wanting to buy my own set for awhile, and was kind of watching prices online. I thought that they would go down a little with Chalene's new workout Piyo being released, but they didn't seem to. To my surprise, Blake bought me a set for one of my anniversary presents this year! I was so excited!! 

I have the schedule on the fridge, and have officially started. I'm about 1 week in. I took before photos and measurements, which will stay secret for the moment. I'm already feeling really good! The moves are coming back to me, and I honestly look forward to working out again. This time around I am using weighted gloves, which really make it challenging! 
Additionally my mom and I are walking 3 days a week. If it gets chilly again, and lets face it Florida is unpredictable, we will walk on the treadmill! My goal is to record everything using my Fitbit Flex. I'd like to hit 10,000 steps a day and record all of my food intake with their app. 
I'm mostly sharing this for accountability, but also to share my love for an awesome workout program. I love that in the videos all the ladies are in amazing shape, but all have completely different bodies. I'm just so ready to be proud(er) of mine! So, we will see in 90 days! I'm sure I will do some sort of check-in between now and then.

Leave me a comment: Have you tried Turbofire? Are you really passionate about a workout? 

xoxo Kristen

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