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Weekend Round-Up: Carter's First Trip to Disney!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Everytime we go to Disney, I can't help but imagine taking our kids there one day. Seeing all the excitement and wonder through your child has to be pretty cool. No kids for us yet, but we do have nieces and nephews to spoil Disney style. It wasn't hard to talk my sister and brother in law into taking a trip with us. Carter is about 10 months old, so he won't remember a thing about this trip, but we still had a blast with him! 

We have been to the parks with older kids, but never a baby. So this was quite a learning experience. But, of course Disney thinks of everything, and they have so many provisions for people with babies. 
Two things we took full advantage of were: Rider Switch and the Baby Care Centers
Rider Switch is such a good idea! Part of your group goes through the line of a ride that kids can't go on. You ask the first Cast Member you see for a Rider Switch and they will give you a card. Ride the ride normally, and when you get off you give the card to the others in your group who waited with the baby. They get to go through the Fastpass line! Up to 3 people can go with the card, so that meant some in our group got to ride twice. It's really simple, and useful! 

I have never been in the Baby Care Center either, but I was really impressed. Inside there is a little store where you can buy any emergency baby items, tons of changing tables, and rocking chairs. It also seemed really quiet in the centers, which is a nice break from the chaos of the parks. 

This time we stayed at the Art of Animation resort. Love! We stayed in the Cars themed suite. Wow, it was an awesome room. We fit 6 adults and 1 baby in there super comfortably. Each suite has a bedroom with a bathroom, a living room, dining room and an additional bathroom. The couch and the dining room table all fold out into beds. I'm not sure we could have done it without that 2nd bathroom.

All in all, I'd say it was a success! Carter got to ride several rides, which I think he liked. Basically the rule is: babies can ride if there is no lap bar. And there are even some exceptions to that as he got to ride Toy Story Mania. Like I said, I know he won't remember it, but we will. We love being Aunts and Uncles, and spending time with these kids is so great.
Okay, get ready for picture overload.

Day One// Hollywood Studios (without the hat!!) 


Day Two// Animal Kingdom

I am so crazy about my Preppy Park Ears!

xoxo Kristen

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