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This Week: March 6th

Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm Watching: How sweet was the Downton Abbey season finale this week?? I loved the proposal, and loved even more Ms. Hughes' response. I don't know why but this season seemed so short. Okay, and dying for the Bachelor finale this week! 

I'm Reading: I came across this list this week. It's basically A-Z of blogging, and it is very helpful! I'm always trying to figure out what I'm doing blogging wise, and will take all the help I can get. 

I'm Listening To: Really liking: Geronimo by Sheppard. Fun summer song!

I'm Wishing For: Okay, this is a really lame want: but I'm dying to have a tan again! The weather was in the 80s this week, and I got to pull out a pair of shorts. Feeling a little pale now. I did get to lay out in the sun a little bit on Tuesday, and it was glorious.

I Need To: My to-do list is super adult and boring! I need to change the oil in my car and do the ironing. Lame and more lame. 

I'm Looking Forward To: Right now I'm counting the days until our next Disney trip! Not many days left. I'm hoping it will be nice weather wise, but you really never know.

I'm Making: Tonight we're having burgers and fries, as we get ready for a yard sale tomorrow! Something else to add to the to-do list.

xoxo Kristen
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