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Weekend Round Up: Bradley and Ariana's Wedding

Monday, February 9, 2015

I have been looking forward to this wedding for forever! I knew it was going to be so fun, and that the bride and groom would look amazing. Because I somehow feel the need to get involved with everything, I'm usually pretty busy around weddings. I love to help! I like to feel useful. In fact even at parties where I'm not involved in the planning at all, I still manage to find something to help with in the back. So, this was kind of a nice change! I had nothing to do, except enjoy the wedding. And we so did.

The wedding took place at The Club Continental in Orange Park, Fl. I had no idea that place even existed! It is right on the St. Johns River, and has beautiful towering oak trees everywhere. Absolutely the perfect place to get married. The ceremony was outside, and they were very blessed with the temperature being 75 degrees in February. It was beautiful. And we all got a kick out of a  particularly noisy racing speed boat. The person performing the ceremony made a beautiful point, he said: Being willing to die for someone isn't the ultimate act of true love. Living for someone is. Dying is easy, living for someone is day in and day out is hard, and that is what marriage is. 

The bride was stunning. All I could think of was that I wanted a wedding dress do-over. Her gown was amazing! My favorite part of the whole night was the father-daughter dance. It started as a sweet dance to Tim Mcgraw, and turned into a hilarious choreographed dance to various songs. If you can get your dad to do the stanky-leg, he's awesome. Another note on the dancing-there were like 3 new line dances I have never seen before! I will be youtubeing them for the next wedding. 
Overall, I think I burned off the calories from the cake and open bar while dancing. Which is what I'm telling myself anyway. My cousins even got my husband out on the dancefloor. He never dances to fast songs-ever!! A moment for the history books.

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