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My Favorite Engagement Party Gift

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It wasn't until I was engaged myself that I learned all of the etiquette that goes along with weddings. Technically, you should bring a gift to the engagement party, a bridal shower, and the wedding. That is a lot of gifts! Times have changed along with the economy and what is expected has too. Most brides and grooms only expect gifts at showers, and receive gifts at the actual wedding from out of town guests. 

I still like to bring a little something to an engagement party. One gift that I loved at my own engagement party was a beautiful clock and a card that said "The countdown has begun!" It was so clever, and we have that clock hung in our kitchen. I'm not that clever! (But may totally steal that idea one day!)

My favorite gift to give an newly engaged couple is a bit more practical. I love to give a big box of Thank You cards. Our friends were so generous and we went through at least 6 boxes of cards! Not only is it a practical gift, but who doesn't love picking out stationary! Etsy has great customizable options, and this would be a perfect chance to use the couple's new monogram. Target and Walmart also have great options for more of a budget.

Leave me a comment: So how about you? What is your go-to engagement gift? 

xoxo Kristen

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