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5th Anniversary

Friday, February 27, 2015

Today marks Blake and I's 5th wedding anniversary! I know they say time flies, and as cliche as that is, it is so true. While every year has had it's highlights, we've decided that this was our best year yet! We are closer than ever and feel very settled in our roles as husband and wife. One thing that we have done every year is look through our wedding cards-yes, I saved every single one! This is bittersweet, because we received a few cards from people who are no longer with us. I can't help but think of that freezing day in 2010! Looking back on the pictures makes me realize how 'little' we look, and I'm so happy we are closer as a couple than even on our wedding day. I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from our wedding! Oh, and shout out to those of us who planned their weddings without Pinterest!! Although was vital to me, they have an amazing checklist. 

We got married in Tallahassee, Fl on 2/27/10. We had our reception at the Tallahassee Women's Club. Espisitos did our flowers (hydrangeas) and Publix did our cake. My dress is from David's Bridal (on sale!) with borrowed tiara and veil. My bridesmaids picked their dresses in Navy. We spent the most money on our caterer-and it was so worth it! People are still raving about our mashed potato bar! 

Leave me a comment: How did you celebrate 5 years? Did you plan our wedding without Pinterest? 

xoxo Kristen


  1. How cute. Where did you get the inspiration for your cake? Great pictures. We did the courthouse wedding and always talked about doing the real deal sometime later on down the road...I'm hopeful we'll do it sooner rather than later!!

    Kaitlyn @

    1. I found a picture of a cake that I liked on, and gave the picture to the baker! It came out slightly different, especially with hydrangeas (I think the original pictured cake had orchids). But, I learned that things like that happen a lot when wedding planning! You may have a certain idea of what you want and it turns out a bit different, but wonderful none the less!



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