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Friday, January 9, 2015

I'm Watching: The new season of Downton Abbey started this week! Blake thinks this is the most boring show ever to be put on tv, but I love it! I think it is the accents-it's hypnotic or something! Oh, and the costumes are incredible. Can't wait to see what this season will like, especially the Dowager Countess' hilarious one liners. 
Ok, also the Bachelor started this week...guilty pleasure what can I say!! Looks like it is going to be pretty dramatic (as usual). So far I'm going for Brit. You'll have to tell me who you are rooting for!
I'm Reading: I just started reading: Super fun blog with great outfit inspiration, and I love that she thrifts the majority of her clothes!
I'm Listening to: I can't help but dance everytime Uptown Funk comes on the radio! 
I'm Wishing For: A new pair of Khakis. I have literally had the same pair of khaki pants since High School (they stopped fitting for a while, and now I'm back into them). They even flare at the bottom. I can still pull them off, but I'm really shopping for a new pair to wear to work. I'm thinking these.< Same pair that I have in purple that you see all the time in my OOTD posts. Who am I kidding, I want all of the colors! 
I need to: Work in the yard. Florida has had the strangest weather-it got so cold in November and killed a ton of my plants, then it got warmer, and my yard was left looking crazy. In the next week I'm planning on remulching all the flower beds and planting something winter hardy like pansies. I need some color! 
I'm Looking Forward to: Seeing the scale move down. I finally weighed myself after being in denial lately about my fitness routine. I knew I had gained a little, but was at least relieved that I was only up about 2 pounds. I've got a workout schedule down in writing, and have been much more careful about what i'm eating. I know not eating out as much will help!
I'm Making: Right now I'm working on a little slideshow for a family get-together later this month. I've been able to find a ton of old pictures! 
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Leave me a comment: What are you guys up to this week?! I want to hear your Bachelor predictions. 


  1. I watch the bachelor too! I read the spoilers on, but still watch for all the drama!

    1. I'm trying so hard not to look up the spoilers!! I usually do peek, but only because I want to root for the right person! Thanks for reading!



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