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Friday, December 19, 2014

I'm watching: I watched Please Subscribe on Netflix this week. It is super interesting, even though it isn't the best documentary filming you've ever seen. Vlogging is something really unique about our generation. These people will have their whole lives recorded to watch back when they are older. While I don't think I would ever vlog-this documentary has inspired me to do a video for pp& day anyway!

I'm reading: Who am I kidding, I haven't had anytime to read this week! I love to read so much, and just have no time to do it. I may buy Beach Music's audio version. 

I'm listening to:  Serial (aka the podcast that everyone is listening to) had it's last episode Thursday. I loved this series, and can't wait for season 2! I think I was hoping for a more 'final' finale, but I'm pretty satisfied

I'm wishing for: I have been thinking of repainting my bedroom, and getting new curtains. So my wish is that it was already done, and I don't have to do it! Painting is SO much work. (I'm really not lazy I swear!) 

I need to: I need to do a lot of things this week! I have been putting off buying some gifts. In January some of my family is getting together. When I was little, we would do a gift exchange. This year we decided to bring it back! We drew names out of a hat, and we have a $25 limit. I know exactly what to get my name, but Blake drew my uncle who I'm not so sure what to get. 

I'm looking forward to: This weekend my friend Vicky is hosting a Pink Party! Everyone is supposed to dress in their favorite shade of pink. Vicky is a great party planner, so i'm very excited to see what she has planned for everyone! I still haven't quite decided what to wear. I have a lot of pink clothes, but the weather is so different everyday! 

I'm making: For said Pink Party, I am bringing these Peanut Butter Bars that I posted in October.  They are so good, and a crowd favorite. I seriously could eat the whole plate myself...I may have to sample ahead of time. 

In case you missed it:


What are you guys up to this week??

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