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Weekend Round Up

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November is here! This year is flying by. 
We packed so much into 1 Saturday! 

Our small town is in the middle of nowhere, yet it is in the middle of everything! We have a lot of family come by on their way to somewhere else. This time my aunt and uncle were traveling through on their way down I-75, and they stopped in to have lunch. 
We don't have many restaurant options around here (we seriously don't even have an Applebee's.) but, we do have a few good places to eat. And I really do love that in a small town the servers remember you and what you like to order.

This is our cousin Sydney. We grew up down the street from each other, but her family moved to Tennessee a while ago. When I think of Sydney I think of a 6 year old climbing trees in the back yard. Now she is 15! I think she looks so much like my sister. Genetics are crazy!

On Saturday afternoon our friends hosted a Field Day for the kids. We don't have any kids, but we got invited anyway! It was a blast. 
We had a cold front blow through Friday night, so the weather is straight up freezing!
I got warmed up really fast with a game of volleyball. I love volleyball so much! Especially with a lot of players who aren't afraid to dive for the ball. 

That's me in the pink shirt in the left corner. I am so sore from the game!
Potato sack races, balloon popping races, and three legged races! It was hysterical. 
The adults were allowed to participate in the three legged race (after all the kids got out of the way!) I knew that Blake and I would dominate it. He came up with the strategy. Inside legs go first and when we had to turn he would pick me up and spin me around. 
Here's the video! 


Here are a few more pictures from the Field Day:
Okay, how cute is my nephew in that Mickey Mouse hoodie!? 

Life size Jenga was the coolest thing. What a stressful game! Actually, I was a little nervous playing around little kids, I think that the falling blocks could actually do some damage. I think it would be really fun to have a set in our back yard. Hmm, I bet Pinterest has some ideas!

This is what I brought to the party. Chocolate Peanut Butter Dipped Pretzel Crisps
 Then were seriously all gone before I could get one! (I may or may not have had my fair share before we arrived..)
Recipe to come! These were a huge hit, and I will have to make them again.

We ended the day inside (sooo colddd) watching the FL./GA. game. I'm a 'Nole fan, but Blake is a Gator fan. I was happy he got a win. 

Sunday will be a day of rest!
What did you do this weekend?? What are your favorite Field Day games?

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