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The Chalene Show

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I work 2 days a week over an hour away from home. I'm a commuter! It's funny people in big cities often commute that long too, I'm just not stuck in traffic. 
99% of my drive is on the interstate. In the morning I usually listen to a morning show or two on the radio. (long time Kid Kraddick listener!) The morning drive is not bad at all! I'm energized and use that time to plan my day. 
But, the afternoons are a different story! I'm tired, I want to get home, and all I can think about is what I have to do when I get there. 
I was just about to buy a book on tape to make that drive easier, when I discovered The Chalene Show podcast! 

Chalene Johnson is my fitness hero. She created TurboFire, which changed my life
 I always enjoy seeing her interviews, or watching her Instagram videos. 
On my drive home I can listen to about two shows. Each one is about 30 minutes long, on a variety of topics. Not only did my drive go by super fast, but I also felt very motivated when I got home. 

She has two podcast channels. The Chalene Show seems to be health/happiness related topics, while Build Your Tribe is about building a better business. The podcasts are delviered in a exciting, witty, motivating way. I felt like I was driving home with a friend.

Here are the links to her shows:

So far 'Breaking the Fitness Plateau' is my favorite! The whole time I was listening, I was like 'this is so me'. But, I have also enjoyed the ones about motivation and boosting self confidence. She has so many good tips, and I felt like everything was very doable. 

What do you guys listen to on a long car trip? What are your favorite Podcasts?

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