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Fall TV

Monday, October 13, 2014

Here are the new shows I'm watching:

The Flash

Solely based on the first episode, I really like The Flash! One of the superheros I literally just heard of...but! Blake really wanted to watch this show, as he was a huge fan of the original show back in 1990. (I may or may not have been born that year.) It was so refreshing to watch a show about a superhero who was actually excited he had powers! I don't think I could watch another moody hero. We loved Smallville, and this is a little reminiscent of that. I'm very excited about this show and will keep watching!

How To Get Away With Murder

I have watch three episodes of HTGAWM. It is a little confusing, and fast paced. I think Viola Davis is a great actress, and such a different leading lady! While there is an overload of law shows, HTGAWM stands out because of the very mysterious characters - characters that you aren't sure you like. I'm giving it a few more episodes before I decide.


Okay, so this is going to be a guilty pleasure. Karen Gillan is lovely to watch. I wish she would just use her real accent though. Her American accent is so forced. John Cho is great too! Selfie captures our generation undeniably. Most people are glued to their phones, and forget how to interact with actual humans. It is a silly show, but loveable. 

Red Band Society

RBS is obviously riding on the coattails of movies like Fault in Our Stars or If I Stay. Teens love a good cry I guess. It's kind of a modern Breakfast Club mash-up with Glee (no singing). I have watched 4 episodes, and I think that I like it, but I'm not sure yet. Octavia Spencer is fabulous, and if anything I will keep watching for her storyline. 
Also the first episode ended with this gorgeous song: 

I tried watching Blackish, Gotham & Manhattan Love Story. Eh. Not impressed.

Shows I'm still loving:

Once Upon A Time

I love OUAT. Any Disney lover will like this show, with every fairy tale rolled into one story. This season Ana and Elsa from Frozen are the newest editions to Storybrooke. They could not have cast them better! Everyone seems to be getting a bit burned out on Frozen, but because OUAT is picking up their story after the end of the movie we should stay interested. & Emma and Hook are the cutest couple ever. I still look forward to this show every Sunday.

Person Of Interest 

Person of Interest may be the best show on TV. I was a huge LOST fan, and this is the only show to fills that void. I love the characters and use of flashbacks. We bought all of the DVDs and binge watched seasons 1-3 over the summer. Artificial Intelligence is so interesting, especially how moral and ethical it is or isn't. 

Shows I'm Over:

New Girl

I want to love this show! Season 1 was so hysterical and I would laugh out loud so many times during each episode. Blake says that I basically am Jessica Day. But, last season was barely funny and this season isn't any better. I think I'm almost done with this show. But, I still have a little hope. Winston still brings a lot of laugh potential. In fact Winston and Ferguson were the best parts of last season.


Oh how sad I am about this. The best part of Castle was the Castle/Beckett will they/won't they storyline. I was even okay with them getting married, but the kidnapping story is SO uninteresting. I'm over this one too. 

What are you guys watching?

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