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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Blossom where you are planted", a popular phrase. This is something that I truly believe in, and have personally embraced. 
Growing up, my family traveled very often. From a young age we all developed wanderlust. I know my sister and I both don't feel complete without a trip on the calendar in the near future. 
Now that I am a grown up (yuck) and married, I don't get to take as many trips as I'd like. We travel fairly often, but it is usually short distances. 
Blake and I would love to be able to pack up and go! We have purposely put off having kids so that we can have the freedom to do that. But, the problem is we don't really have that much freedom. Owning a house ties you down so much. 
We also own a house in a small town. 
I noticed that when I dwell on that fact, I have to admit that I start to feel a little trapped. 
I just want to go! anywhere! 

Here is where the Blossom quote comes in. 
I could obsess about all of the things I can't do.
Here is a fact:
I may want to see the world, but I can't right now. (sad face) 
But, what I can do: Blossom. 
I can make the most of my life whatever/wherever that is. 
While there are many things about my house or small town that I dislike, I choose to focus on what I do like!
Contentment means being happy where you are and with what you have.
 Complaining will not make anything better. In fact, complaining will only make people want you to go more than you want to leave. 

How do you guys stay content? 
& Have you embraced any popular sayings? 

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