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Closet Project

Monday, July 8, 2024

Just so excited to share our recent closest organization project! We have a really nice sized closet, but it lacks organization systems - there is just one rack all the way around. That's more that enough room for our hanging clothes, but not so great when it comes to folded clothing. In our old house we had a great closet system with lots of drawers and shelves, so we got by with just one dresser outside of the closet. 

I've been wanting to create a better system since we moved in 3 years ago, but honestly didn't want to spend the money. Closet systems are pricey and so is decent furniture! Even after casually searching Facebook Marketplace, I didn't really find anything ideal.

Well, things fell nicely into place for us and we now have 3 new to us dressers that totally transformed the way we organize our clothing. A friend had 3 older dressers that were solid wood, and in great shape. They needed a little TLC, and I had to decide if we were going to sand and stain or go with paint. 

Ultimately, I went with paint for ease! I fell in love with this shade of blue green called Balsam Fir, and did a matte black paint for the brass. 

A couple of before shots: 

Additionally, we bought a back of the door shoe organizer which really helped with floor space. Now instead of sharing a single dresser, we have 3! We each have our own and then share the third. I'm loving it, and it's inspired me to keep it looking great! I'm thrilled to have this project done after so long. We spent like $80 on paint and supplies (like a giant tarp because it's rained for 100 years straight here and I had to do 2 of the dressers in our tiny living room) which is so satisfying because buying 3 dressers new would have cost a pretty penny. 

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