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The Amazon Dress You Need For Any Event!

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Last fall, I attended an anniversary party for my cousin - and her best friend wore this dress in a gorgeous silver. It looked great on her, and then I noticed another person at the party was wearing it in a different color! At the time, I was struggling with what to wear for a formal event, so I looked it up as soon as I got home. 

It was a struggle to choose a color, because they all looked great! I went with emerald green, one of my favorites. Guys, when I got this dress - my jaw hit the floor. It's SO beautiful in person and it fits like a glove. It's modest, but not frumpy. Comfortable, and not clingy. It just checks all the boxes. 

Plus the price is SO good. I'm pretty sure it was on sale when I bought it, but it's still a great price even when it's not discounted. 

I wore it to our friend's formal wedding, and I think I got the most compliments I've ever gotten on a dress. You'll be seeing it again on my cruise recap, because what a perfect dress to pack for formal night. 


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