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Just 5 Things

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

One | Charcuterie 

Just a girl and her charcuterie! I love putting boards together - it looks impressive but it's so easy! A friend asked me to make a charcuterie for a bridal shower and I was so excited to do it. (I was also really excited to take the leftovers home and eat them myself.) 

Two | Bread Making

I experimented a bit with sourdough, and it turned out ok. A fun little experiment at the very least! My sister told me she had a bread maker she hasn't been using and I was all to eager to give it a go. It's so much easier than feeding a starter! 😂 You just dump the ingredients and press start. I love it and the bread turns out perfectly. 

Three | Walking

Thank goodness for the extra daylight. I don't know why, but I feel like a completely different person now that the time has changed. Our neighborhood gets the most insane sunrises, and now I'm awake to see them! We had the most beautiful sunrise run the other day, and I just love these photos. 

Four | Dress Pants

For the first time in my adult life, I found a pair of dress pants that actually look good on me! I have the hardest time with pants. The waist, butt, and the length have to be just right - and what a feat. This pair from J Crew Factory really checks the boxes for me! I sized up, and went with tall and I feel like that really helped. I'm not that tall at 5'6 but my legs are just so long that most pants end up looking silly.

Five | 'Texting' With My Nephew

My almost 10 year old nephew is using an old phone and can now 'text' with google chat. His messages have just been such a bright spot in my day! 


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