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Monday, February 12, 2024

Cranberry Margs

January and the first half of February have kicked my butt! We had quite the line up of events. Lots of good, and fun things - but still just a lot. I spent a lot of time looking for those bright, cup filling moments during this busy season. Starting with time with friends! I'd like to do more entertaining myself - but I snapped this photo at a friend's house when they had us for dinner. She made the most delicious cranberry margaritas (adapted from this recipe) and we had a fantastic time. 

February Book of the Month

I went with Kristin Hannah's new book for my BOTM pick! I've heard great things, but I haven't cracked it open yet. I don't do many subscriptions anymore, but this is one I've kept in the budget. It brings me so much joy to get that blue box! Plus, you can skip if you don't like any of the selections. 

If you want to give it a try, I have a link that gets you your first hardcover for $5 with free shipping. 

Since I don't keep a collection of books, usually after I read my BOTM I post it for sale on Pangobooks! It's kind of like the Poshmark of books. It's a great way to save money if you are an avid reader like myself. (Other than the library of course.) 


It's unbelievable, but January was my biggest sale month maybe ever?! Even though I was really busy in all areas of my life, I still consider this a blessing. I can do my orders late at night, or whenever I have time. We are doing a lot of traveling this year, so every dollar counts! 

P.S. I have a secret blog reader discount code for my Etsy shop! Use code: KRISTENWOOLSEYBLOG for a discount on your order. Thanks so much for reading, and supporting both this blog and my small shop. 💖


File this in the priceless category! I have been very protective of our Sundays. Unless it can be helped, I'm trying to reserve Sunday for rest. It's been so restorative! Our routine usually ends with me snuggled in a blanket on the couch with some wine, and my new Kindle! I cannot speak highly enough of it! It felt a bit indulgent to buy one, since there was technically nothing 'wrong' with my old one. Amazon offered a trade in, and an extra gift card to upgrade, and it was hard to say no. But, I'm so glad I got it. The screen is a bit larger than previous models, and for some reason that makes this 1000% better.  

Blake's Beard

This is something that I find so interesting. Blake and I will have been married 14 years this month. (#old). It's so cool that you can keep changing even after being together so long. He's growing a beard, and it's like he's a new person, haha. It took me ages to get used to, but just this week I saw I picture of him without it and thought he looked odd. So, I guess that means I'm used to it now! He's been having fun trying out new products. The MVP has been this beard cream. It smells great too! 


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