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Fall 2022 Wishlist

Friday, August 26, 2022

Coming at you on a 90 degree day, with fall on the brain! We still have weeks and weeks of summer left here, but that hasn't stopped me from bringing out all the fall scents for my diffuser. Actually, coming up here really soon, Blake and I are going to be finally going on our Europe trip! And we will most likely get some real fall weather there.

As I declutter my closet and take inventory, I have formulated a tiny wish list for the next season.

J Crew Puffer Vest

I love a good vest. Especially in Florida, they really serve as a great layering piece when it's cold in the mornings and warm in the afternoons. I already have a vest, but I really really love the color of this new one from J Crew! I love that nutmeg shade, and it's definitely a weakness. 

J Crew Factory Girlfriend Long Sleeve Tees

These tees are my favorite! I have several of the girlfriend short sleeves, so I was thrilled to see they came out with a long sleeve version. I picked up 2 colors already, but I'm thinking I'd like to add a few more to my cart and replace some of my older long sleeve shirts. Our winter wardrobes don't really get a whole lot of use, so some of the items I have are very old. 

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LL Bean Sweats

Some of my most worn cold weather items are LL Bean! I'd really like to add in a lounge/sleep style pant to my closet. Love the color of these, and I have a top from LL Bean already that I think will work with them.

LOFT Striped Sweater

I got a similar color palette sweater last year, and I'm just obsessed. Love the colors and this style of shirt is great for our weather once it cools off. 

Barbour Headband

File this under major want and not need. I bought a Barbour coat this year!!! I could write whole post on that journey, but when I saw this headband...I just want it so bad - ha! The tartan matches the lining of my coat and I can just totally picture wearing it in England...
There is a matching umbrella too, but I digress. 

Mark and Graham Crossbody

I have my eye on this for our trip too. I have an amazing every day purse, but it's too vulnerable for pickpocketing - so I want to take something smaller that zips. And one of my carry on items is a backpack, so I think I crossbody about this size would work well. Plus it's the right color 😊

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