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3 Marley Lily Purchases

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

For our annual beach vacation in West Palm, I picked up a couple of new things from Marley Lilly and they are too good not to share!

Cooler Bag

This is the ideal cooler bag for the pool. If we are going to be out on the beach all day, we'd take our insulated cooler - but this is great for just a few hours and keeps our drinks sufficiently cool. It holds so much! We had no problem packing up drinks for our whole group in this thing.

Special shout out to my Cat and Jack sandals! PSA Size 7 women's is a little girls size 5. This is not my first pair of little girl's shoes. 😂

Market Tote

I'm not sure if this bag was designed as a beach bag, but it works really well as one! It's wide and perfect to throw in all your essentials. But, I can also use this for so many different purposes! It folds down flat, so I think I'd like to keep one in the car for all the miscellaneous reasons you need a tote for on the go.

Leopard Pajama Shorts and Monogrammed Top

GOSH, are these cute!! These pajamas couldn't be more comfy. I'd wear them every night if I could. Definitely keeping this in my back pocket for a gift idea in the future! 

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