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Photo Diary | Spring 2022

Monday, April 25, 2022

I'll be honest, I haven't really felt like blogging recently! I'm sure you probably already noticed that I haven't posted in awhile. But, just when I started to wonder if I'd ever post again, I got the itch to blog. So, just hang in there with me and enjoy this little photo dump of the last month or so.

It's been summer like here for awhile, but we got one last 'cold' day hike in. I discovered the AllTrails app, and it's been so helpful in finding new to me local hikes! I have saved quite a few, so hopefully we will have a chance to check them out soon.

Another 10k in the bag! We ran a 10k (some did the 5k) with several friends and family earlier this month. It's a challenging course, but we had just done the Gate River Run so it wasn't too bad. But, I think I'm done with running for a little while. It's going to start to get hot here, and I find myself craving different kinds of workouts. So, we think we will run once a week or so just to keep conditioned. 

I'm back to doing WW, hoping to fit into some of my pre-pandemic clothes. 😂 I had such great success with this program in the past, and I wish I never quit. They've made some changes to the program that I really love, so it's been fairly easy to get back to it. I had an amazing first week and dropped 4 pounds right away, but then had an absolutely challenging week with lots of social events and eating out. But, as long as it's a 'normal' week and I can control what's on the menu - I feel like it's a super simple program. 

One thing I LOVE about WW is that it really helps me choose fruits and vegetables over other snacks. In fact, you now earn points back for your day when you eat a cup of veggies.

 I made this delish greek chicken salad the other day for lunch, and now I can't stop making it. Basically it's lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and then a homemade tzatziki sauce with greek yogurt. I top it with some chicken I grill up in our cast iron pan - chef's kiss! 

If you think you'd want to give weight watchers a go, I have a referral link for a free month

I shared an entire post about what I did for Blake this year for our 12th anniversary, but I never shared what I got this year. GUYS! Blake got me an emerald ring! I've been wishing for one for years now, and I just can't believe how beautiful the one he picked out is. I LOVE it and honestly can't stop staring at it, even though I've been wearing it for weeks now. 

We were able to go out for hibachi with my family on our anniversary and that was super special. 

That's all for now, and hopefully not all for long!

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