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A Coffee Date With Me

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

If you and I were having coffee today, this is what I'd be talking about! Recently, I've been:

Freaking out about this:

My Etsy shop was featured on Buzzfeed! I'm just shocked. Etsy gives you as a seller some analytics, which I used to check religiously. I haven't looked at the stats in awhile, but I was doing some organizing and saw that a huge traffic source was It's normally Instagram or Pinterest...but after some investigating I saw this article! No one told me they were including my product in their article, so I was floored. I obviously saw an uptick in orders, but Etsy's algorithms are weird, and sometimes you'll get pushed to the top of the search for random reasons so I just assumed it was because of that. 

Watching this:

With a little extra time off lately, we've had a little more time to watch tv. We love movies, but we got a recommendation to watch the Will Smith series on Disney+ called Welcome to Earth. It's so good! Of course, our planet gets all the credit for being amazing. Have you watched anything good recently? 

Making this:

My PlanToEat account is full of tried and true recipes, but I do try to add a new one into the rotation from time to time. We made this recipe for Pretzel Crusted Chicken the other night and it was DELISH. We baked the chicken, but I think next time I will try it in the air fryer. Then, I'd ask you for recipe ideas! It's easy to get into a rut with cooking.

I'd probably also mention how much I love the Plan To Eat app and website! It's so helpful when meal planning. Typically on Saturday night I pull up my Plant To Eat and Walmart for grocery pick up and get our groceries all set to pick up on Sundays. 

Drinking this:

Blake's been on a bourbon kick, so we've been making Old Fashions right and left. I found myself ordering one at one of our local breweries. They started venturing out from beer and making other distilled drinks like gin and bourbon. If we were having coffee, I'd say lets make a plan to go there sometime! 

Cleaning this:

If we were having coffee, I'd totally tell you all about the organizing projects I've been taking on. Yes, we just moved into our house 6 months ago, but things get jumbled up right before your eyes. I sorted out our laundry space, under the kitchen sinks, our Tupperware cabinet, and last but not least - I set up the 'bar' space I had envisioned off the kitchen.

I wanted to put a console style table here, but when my mom was getting rid of this desk - I decided to give it a home. It worked out just they way I hoped. 

P.S. These are limes from my own tree! We have a lemon and a lime tree that I brought with us when we moved - even though we don't have a yard to speak of. The lime tree is loaded with limes, and I got a single solitary lemon last week. 

I also rearranged our guest room/my Etsy headquarters, and I'm liking this set up much better! 

Feeling this:

Honestly, if we were having coffee we are probably close friends, and I'd be telling you how I've been feeling all kinds of nostalgic lately. We closed on the sale of our house in December of 2020, so it's been a full year of change. 2021 was sort of like 2 years in one for me. The first 6 months brought a lot of waiting, and wondering, and then the last half was full speed ahead *change*! We relocated back to my hometown, Blake started a new job, we moved into a new house, got a new car, and basically have a whole new life. I've been super reflective of all that and just can't believe where we are. 

Buying this:

I hate to say it, but I've bought an absurd amount of stuff recently. This is top secret, but with Blake and I's anniversary coming up, I've been getting his gift together. It's 12 years for us in February, so I decided to do 12 days of gifts. Not everything is super fancy, but I am VERY excited about the whole thing. So, I've been buying stuff right and left, and I don't know how I'm going to hide it all and get him to not check the mail for a month! Expect a full blog post dedicated to this mission. 

Other than that, I would share this super fun thing we did buy's a grown up (lol) bean bag chair! We have separate office spaces, and so many times I have found myself in Blake's office talking to him, with no where to sit. Half the time I end up sitting on the exercise bike! We found this super stylish bean bag and it's AWESOME. I'd sit in in all day honestly. And, bonus points for being extra portable seating for guests downstairs too. 

I'd ask you if you took advantage of any of the end of the year sales and bought anything good! 

Enjoying this:

You know I'm a person who loves improving. It's actually been really nice lately that I've had time to regroup on some fundamentals. Something I'm most proud of right now is our morning routine! We both get up and do some kind of workout, eat breakfast together, and then I do my daily Duolingo lesson and my Bible reading. This routine is one of my favorite things in life right now!

Dreading this:

With just under 60 days until my 15k, I'm feeling a bit of dread. My training was paused when I sprained my ankle in October. (Did I share that here? I fell down the stairs 😬) It's mostly healed now, but still aches a little. I felt like I was starting all over again with running - so it bothers me that I'm not further along with the training schedule. I do feel encouraged though that we haven't missed any runs recently, and that I've been incorporating some other workouts into the routine. We'll get there! If we are having coffee, we are friends and you know I won't stop talking about running until you change the subject! 

Because I made the goal of doing 200 Peloton rides this year, I'd poll you on your favorites so I can bookmark them! (We don't have a Peloton but we use the App with our Amazon bike.) 

Researching this:

If we were having coffee, I'd ask you if you wear perfume! I'm on the hunt for a perfume. I had 2 I loved in High School, and since then I mainly use a body spray. Or nothing at all. I've been sort of scentless for a long time. Mainly because I get headaches if I smell a strong perfume. I'm looking for a light scent and it has to have clean ingredients.

Isn't it neat that perfumes can smell different on different people!? 

BTW I found a brand that does clean ingredients and with nice sounding scents, so I ordered a sample set. Will report back later! 

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Let's Chat!

Tell me what your coffee order would be, and what's new with you! 


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