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Weekly Diary #10.2021

Monday, September 27, 2021

LOL at the fact that I'm still trying to call this a weekly diary, when the reality is this post will contain pictures from several weeks! When I started this series in January I fully intended to share a post like this every week. Maybe I'll change it to monthly? Anyway, here ya go! 

Starting off with a fun Etsy find! My hair is sort of long enough now for headbands, my personal favorite accessory. I grabbed 2, one in mustard and the other in navy - but I'm eyeing all of them. 

When September rolls around, I always get the craving for Disney. We loved to go this time of year, especially for the Food & Wine festival! Now that we've moved, we are even further from the parks, and the prices of tickets and passes are ridiculous. SO, I brought a little Disney home. One of my favorite shops in Disney Springs is Basin. They sell the best soaps, scrubs and bath bombs. They even have a giant sink in the middle of the store to try out the different products. Happily, I found their website and shipped a couple of things. One being this ah-mazing shea scrub that I'm keeping in our guest bath. I want guests to be able to use it, but I also want to slow myself down from using it too fast. 

Since moving, any time we get to spend with our niece and nephews feels extra special. I especially love seeing the pugs with the kids. Pugs are great family dogs! Ours are very patient and love cuddling with the kids. We actually have now successfully had all 4 kiddos stay over! Even with all the toys and board games we have, all of their favorite part of the new house seems to be the stairs. 

We have a family fun center in our neighborhood, so that's actually perfect for getting their energy out! 

When we moved to Tallahassee, I made a list of fun stuff to do and places to try! We are very slowly checking them off, but two things we did recently was check out the new Oyster City location. We LOVE OCB in Apalachicola, and are super excited they have a location closer to home. 

We also took my parents out to Shula's and Level 8 for their anniversary! It's so nice to be so close to them now. And you know we love a good reason to celebrate! At Level 8 (which is a lounge on the 8th floor with great views!), I got a French 75, which is my favorite drink!

Okay, you guys know I love my meal kits. We've tried several! Well, I have to say, I think I've found the best one. We've been getting Gobble boxes for a few weeks and they are just outstanding. The premise is that these are a lot quicker to make and usually just one pot meals. The meals are very customizable, so you can switch out the meats if you don't like something. They also have tons of extras! You can add on salads, bread, and dessert (!!). 

If you want to try it out for yourself, I have a referral code to get your first box for $18. They throw in some free cookie dough too. 😋 This night we made Buffalo Cauliflower Flatbreads and a Blue Cheese Wedge Salad. 

This has to be the cutest picture I've ever taken. That's all. 

I bought this really great fake ring, haha. I've resisted wearing my real wedding rings to work, but still wanted to wear anyway, I found this great fake on Amazon! I have a past/present/future ring setting on my actual ring, but it's in white gold. I've been considering having it redone in yellow gold, so this is a fun way to try it out. Just ordered a coordinating fake wedding band, so hoping they fit well together. 

I got to sneak away to the beach this week for a couple of days. You know how you can't really have a bad time at the beach? Well, I sort of did. LOL. It rained and rained! And my cooler got stolen!! And my mom dropped her phone in the bay. But, you know over all, it was nice and it beats being at home. We got to kayak one day and that really was a blast! 

Hope you had fun scrolling through this photo dump! I really do intend to try to do it more often. Hope you all have a great week! 


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