I Started A Bookstagram!

in , , by Kristen Woolsey, 6:00 AM
If you enjoy my 'Recent Reads' posts, then I know you'll love this new project of mine! I started a Bookstagram. This account will be completely dedicated to my love of reading! I'm just getting started, but you will be able to find reviews and suggestions for what to read next.

I'm always getting asked by friends and family for book recommendations, and thought this might be an efficient way to provide that. My goal for 2021 was to read 40 books, and now I'm on number 68...so it's safe to say I have plenty of recommendations! 

If Instagram isn't your thing, don't worry 'Recent Read's isn't going anywhere, you'll still find those posts just about every month. 

Pop over and say hello! I'd love for you to follow along! 


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