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Weekend in Apalachicola FL

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

This trip truly felt like the kick off to summer! Blake and I spent the weekend in Apalachicola, which is one of my favorite places. It's a small, coastal town that's pretty undeveloped. But, it still has great shops, restaurants, boutique hotels and a really great brewery. Let's keep that between us, because we'd like it to stay that way! 

St. George Island is just over a bridge, and holds so many memories for my family! This getaway was just what the doctor ordered. The water was clear, and the crowds were light. It did rain part of the day on Saturday but that didn't damper our time at all.

Just thought I'd share a few pictures and a fun video I put together of our weekend:

By far the best part of our weekend was sneaking away at 2 am to the State Park beach for some nighttime photography! This is a new hobby for Blake, but I was super happy to join him just to star gaze. We saw dozens of shooting stars and it was truly awe inspiring to see the Milky Way that vividly. It was hard to get out of bed, but totally worth it! He took like 4,000 pictures, but I'll share my favorite! 

A few of our favorite Apalach and SGI spots:
The Franklin at The Gibson Inn

Leave a comment below and tell me where your favorite beach is! Have you ever star gazed by the ocean? Do you like oysters? I love them, but it seems like a love or hate thing for most people.


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