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December Update

Monday, December 21, 2020

While not meaning to fall of the face of the blogosphere, I'm sort of glad I did! My last post was almost exactly one month ago. My blogging break was an accident, but honestly I think I need to do it more often. In short, my real job has been non-stop for months, we were in the processes of selling our house and moving, and I just got burned out. Sometimes you just need to refill your cup, ya know? So, that's what I've been concentrating on. Cooking yummy meals at home, going to bed earlier and trying to focus on what was absolutely necessary.  My future posts might still be irregular, but I wanted to pop in and say Hey! 

Here's a bit of what we've been up to.

Finally Closing On Our House!

Oh my gosh, what a wild ride. I think I already mentioned we got an offer on our house the first day on the market. That was the fastest part of the process. The rest was glacially slow. Our buyer's lender was overloaded and it took a gazillion years to get everything finalized. There were delays up until the day before closing. I honestly didn't even believe it was going to happen until they put the check in our hands! 

We are SO relieved and excited to be on to our next chapter. We have decided to rent for the time being and just be free to move on when we are ready. Owning a older home is not something we want to do again. But, we are grateful for all the fun memories made there. 

Settling In! 

We've really enjoyed our new place and it's been fun to have a change of scenery. We sold our old living room set before we moved, so we have been using two arm chairs in the meantime. They are increasingly uncomfortable and I am SO ready for our new set to arrive. Seems like furniture is so backordered across the board, so hopefully it will arrive in January. I cannot wait to plop down on the couch!

Cooking Up a Storm

In my last post, I shared several recipes we had made recently. We've been on such a cooking kick. This year really made us cook more at home, but it's become such a pleasure. Did you know I originally started blogging to share recipes? Different blog! I started this one after I wanted to share some updates we had made to our kitchen and here we are.

I made a batch of my favorite Peanut Butter Blossoms the other day and I keep daydreaming about them. 

Working Out!

I'm sooooo proud to say we've been working out together for almost a month now! This is something I have always wanted, so it feels like such an accomplishment. It kills me working out with Blake though, he sees immediate results and always burns twice the calories I do. Men!! 

The pugs think it's play time everytime we pull the yoga mats out. Delly drops toys at your feet over and over, and Winston licks you whenever you get down on the ground-which makes push ups almost impossible. 

A Couple Of New Purchases!

Gosh, I did not expect to buy so much with the Black Friday sales, but there were so many good deals. A couple of things we are really happy with:

-Emeril Air Fryer
I am obsessed with this thing! Our toaster oven didn't survive the move, and we decided to replace it with this all in one appliance. It's great and I love that we were able to condense several appliances into one. 

-Produce Basket
The stand we were using for our produce was too tall for our new countertops, so I tried to make due with random bowls and dishes we already had. I'm so glad I took a chance on this basket from Amazon. It looks good, but it also holds so much produce! 

-Two very different shoes!
I have been on the hunt for brown booties for years! I was very specific about what I wanted and just couldn't find a pair (in my price range.) I saw these in the little girl's section in Target and fortunately the biggest size they have is a 5, which is a 7 in womens. My size! They are perfect and so cheap!

A shoe that is a lot more than those booties, are my new pair of Rothys! I have a couple pairs of the Sketcher's Dupe for these and they are great, but they didn't have this brown color. I wear cognac brown with everything, so these could not be more perfect! Worth every penny really. If you want a pair, I'd be happy to share my referral link!

Alright, I'll save some things for another day so this post doesn't get unbearably long! That's why you don't take a month off, you end up with too much to say. Leave a comment below and tell me how the end of your year is going! Are you ready to have a very different 2021?! 

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