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Pictures from the last month!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

We are going to call this a camera roll diary! If you were scrolling through my phone pictures, this is what you'd find. (Minus a million Etsy shots...)

Monogrammed Masks
My sweet mom in law made Blake and I some reusable masks, and I'm so grateful! We kept mixing them up, so I threw a little monogram on each one. So very 2020!

We had a little scare that we might have been exposed to the virus, and it was definitely a reality check that this pandemic is far from over. The test is HORRIBLE. I feel like they swabbed my brain. Waiting for our results was the worst part. We checked our temperatures and self isolated until we knew for sure. Honestly, half of me is ready to get sick just so I can get it over with. (If I could guarantee I wouldn't pass it to anyone else that is.) Another reminder to wear your masks!

Results were negative, thankfully. 

Trying to have some fun!
We have been cooking up a storm, and I'm living for it. We also have been having a little fun trying new cocktails. Below is a frozen watermelon daiquiri (Frozen blended watermelon with white rum!) and a French 75 which is my new favorite drink. So refreshing and delicious. 

I've actually been watching what I eat, so these are just a once in a while thing. It really is the little things that are making us excited these days.

Reading More
I'm actively trying to be on my phone less. It was a wake up call when my wrist/hand was sore from being on my phone all day! I'm trying to fill my time with more productive things instead. It's actually gotten me back into reading. It seems like I'll read like 4 books in a week and then not want to read for a month. You can read some recent reviews here! 

This is actually my mom's junk drawer. I've been dying to organize it since they moved into their new house in January. I don't believe in junk drawers! Everyone has one, but it needs to be more utility than junk in my opinion. The dollar store has so many good options for drawer organizing. I spent $8 on the drawer below.

Just because everyone loves a good before and after:

House Projects
So, Blake and I have been talking a lot about our future recently. Trying to make plans right now is kinda pointless, but we are trying. Our goals have been written down and and a lot of them have to do with getting our house in order. Kind of like if whether we choose to stay or choose to go, either way we should get some of these projects done. 

What better time is there to get house projects done anyway? The first thing on the list was our master closet. It's been unfinished since Blake bought the house and remodeled our master bath. (the bathroom used to be giant and it had a little closet inside, so they chose to expand the closet and redo the bath to a normal size.) It's just a closet so it wasn't at the top of the list when it came to home projects.

Why, oh why did we wait so long!? I neglected to get a photo of the closet to begin with, but I snapped one when we emptied it. We painted the ceiling, the walls, finished the trim that was never put up, and replaced the light fixture. Then we switched sides and hung the closet maid system in a better way. Oh man is it so much better! I'm so happy with it, and it's so much more appealing. Plus with my clothes on the other side, it suddenly feels like I'm seeing them for the first time. 

Replacing the light fixture alone was worth all the trouble! It's a cool LED fixture that you can adjust. We chose the daylight brightness, and it changed everything.

More Organizing
I finally found something that fits in our master bathroom cabinet! I've been hunting for some acrylic organizing bins for months. This cabinet is only 5 inches deep, so it was impossible to find something that worked. Finally, I accidentally found these at our dollar store! They fit perfectly, but they didn't have very many. After checking another store, I ended up ordering a box of them from the Dollar Tree website. They come with lids, but I've just been using them to corral extra products and toiletries. And I obviously labeled them with my Cricut, haha. 

Sweet Hugs
My nephew Lennox is just the sweetest, most hilarious kid. He was in a hugging mood the other day and I took this picture as soon as I could. It's blurry, but it's one of my favorite moments from the past few months! He's just such a little ham. 

Grove Essential Oils
I mentioned trying out these oils in my last Grove post, but I wanted to confirm they are great! I bought 3 of my favorite scents to keep in the kitchen and love how this little station looks. (and smells!)

Mailbox Decal
With my Etsy shop doing well, I've been mailing things every single day. I wonder what my mail person thinks I do? Anyways, just to say thanks I put this little decal in my mailbox. 

Nothing beats that post quarantine haircut! I finally got my color right (the sun and my hair have been doing crazy things this year!) and my sister gave me a fresh cut. I want to go shorter, but she chickened out. Next time I need a trim, I will probably cut off a few inches. I will say I'm sick of the length my bangs are right now. I need to either recommit to them or let the grow. To be determined. 

A trip to the beach
Why does this day feel so long ago?  My parents, siblings and I spent a perfect day at the beach last month, and oh was it glorious. If I come out of quarantine with anything, it's going to be a tan. 😂
We used to do pyramids at the beach when we were kids, so we decided to recreate brother is like 6'5 so we snapped the picture and he jumped off as soon as possible, haha. 

Just a lot of hangin out
Blake was able to set up an old school gaming system in our living room, so we've been having a blast playing games from when we were kids! 

House Dress Obsession
I've been alternating between workout clothes and cute, comfy dresses these days. I picked up this one from SheIn, and it's the best. Definitely needs a slip, but fortunately I had ordered a new one recently anyway. It's so comfy and I got several compliments when I posted it on Instagram. 

Pug Pics Galore
Most of my pictures are pug pictures, but I won't overwhelm you! I snapped this one of the 3 pugs the other night and it's just so cute. I'm happy they have a great life. Yesterday marked 4 years with Bailey! If you haven't been reading that long, it was a wild ride. We rescued her not knowing she was pregnant. She was not in good shape at all. I actually wrote a pretty good summary of our experience on the 1 year mark. I still get a little anxiety when I look at some of those pictures. It was incredibly stressful! But, when I see her all curled up on our pillow, completely content like just makes me feel good.

I guess I'll end on that note! June was a crazy month, and I expect July to be the same way! Hope everyone is hanging in there! Leave a comment below and tell me what you've been up to!


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