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June Grove Order

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Love these bags! They last a long time, but it was time to add a few more to our collection. We use them for storing leftover foods mostly, but we have used them for traveling also. They wash well! 

I use washable cotton pads for my day to day skincare routine, but I don't want to use the washable pads for removing nail polish. So, I buy a bag of cotton rounds for that every once in a while. These will last forever. Organic cotton too, which is nice. 

This is something we get in every order! We use one sponge for about 2 weeks, or until it get gross. Last month it was suggested to me that I cut them in half, which I definitely intend to try! 

I've been a huge NOW brand Essential Oil person for the longest time, but when I was running low on a few of my favorite oils I decided to try these. They are great! The quality is A+ and I love the navy packaging. I picked these 3 scents, which are perfect for my kitchen diffuser. I've been leaving them out on the counter because they look so nice. 

I think I've talked about these endlessly here, but I love these cleaning concentrates! The only one I have not tried is the glass cleaner (I just use an e cloth for that.). They work well, smell good, and I love that it reduces waste. You just fill your own bottle up with the concentrate and water. 

Cleaning Cloths
This was an impulse add to the cart, I'll admit. But! I'm in love with these cloths, and I will continue to collect them until I've replaced all my other cloths. They are just really good quality, and they wash really well! I love that they offer colors to match their glass spray bottles, which can help you keep your cloths straight. 

What to say about tampons...I use these, and they work great. The compact design is really nice to have in your handbag, and they work like they should. However, I did notice our Walmart is carrying a similar product for a great price, so I might switch. It is awfully convenient to have these on auto ship though.

TBD if this works, I haven't tried it yet! I have been using the Seventh Generation stain remover, which worked really well, but I thought I'd give this a go. Grove brand usually does not disappoint. Plus I liked the compact design of this. 

To be honest, baking soda works just as good as this scrub, but! it does have that great lemon verbena smell everyone loves! I have been using this on our tub and our stainless sink.

I think this was my free gift with purchase. Their bottles are so great, and I love the silicone sleeve. We will be using this one for the floor cleaning concentrate! 

This ended up being a big order! I usually just get a few refills. Every once in awhile it's nice to add something new to the cart to try! Leave a comment below if you get excited for cleaning supplies! Anyone in the spring cleaning mood, or are we in full summer mode already? 

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