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What's On My Wish List

Monday, November 4, 2019

Since I'm on a self imposed buying freeze, one thing that has helped me limit my spending has been adding things to my Amazon Wish List-instead of just adding it to the cart. In fact, I've noticed that I previously added a few items to my wish list and later decided I didn't want them after all. It's a great strategy to prevent impulse purchases! 

Wish List |

After glancing through my list, I thought it'd be fun to share these random items! Click on the photo to take you to the product link. Affiliate links are present.
(A few things aren't on Amazon, but I'm including them as well.)

Corkcicle Wine Tumbler 
We've got quite a collection of insulated cups at this point, which makes this item pretty unnecessary- but nevertheless it's made the wish list! I think it'd be perfect to take with us to the beach, or for use on the back porch. 
Pushpin Travel Map
With all of our recent travels, and upcoming trips - I'd love to have this on the wall to display our adventures! This map is really pretty, and I love that it's framed. 

Alternative Scratch Off Map
Another option is this neat scratch off map of the world. Definitely a more casual look, but I think it's just as cool as the framed map above. 
Water Backpack
I have a memory of my mom having one of these things when I was a kid. This backpack would be perfect for the long distance runs I have coming up in my half marathon training schedule. It would also be ideal for our hikes! 

Acrylic Organizer
I have my eye on this organizer for my essential oil roller bottles. They are always falling out of my medicine cabinet. It's less than $6, so I really should just go ahead a buy this. I can't get enough of acrylic organizers!  
Kendra Scott Necklace
I wear a gold necklace with Blake's initial on it almost everyday, so I really don't need this, but I've always thought it was so beautiful and dainty. 
Heat Press
I'm still just crafting for fun, and not for a real side business, so I can't really justify a heat press yet. My iron works just fine. However, a heat press would speed up production 100 fold! Maybe someday. 
Lake Pajamas
I have heard nothing but good things about these PJs. They are so simple and cute. But mostly I think they'd be perfect for Florida nights.

Rifle Paper Florida Print
I have a print in our guest bathroom that I'd really like to swap for this print by Rifle Paper! All of their prints are adorable. I also like the one with all the dog breeds

Fleece Lined Leggings
Not a huge need yet, considering it won't be truly cold here until December or January. I do think these would be perfect for our hiking trip in early March, so I've got them on the wish list to buy later. 
Let's Chat in the comments below! Tell me what is on your wishlist! 

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