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Cricut Creations No. 2

Monday, November 18, 2019

I don't think I need to tell you that I'm obsessed with my Cricut! I lurk in a Cricut Facebook group for people with these machines, and it's absolutely incredible what some people are making! Some women (and a few guys) are entering craft shows, selling on Etsy and making some serious money! It's so inspiring. I'm not quite ready to dive into a real side hustle, but it's so fun to feel creative and whip up a project. 

Here are a few things I've been crafting lately!
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Cricut Craft -Homebody Sweatshirt |

A local boutique advertised a very similar sweatshirt on Instagram, and I knew I needed to make my own! They were charging around $35, and I spent less than $10 by purchasing this sweatshirt on clearance at Target. I love it so much, even if we've only had one chilly enough day to wear it so far this year.

Chewie We're Home T Shirt | Cricut |
Some friends of ours who recently moved here from Texas are going to Disney for the first time in their lives. I knew I needed to make them shirts! She found this design on Pinterest, and I was thrilled to find it on Etsy for $3. Super cute, and I get to make myself a matching one. 

Garden Flag Cricut Craft |

When I shared the garden flag I made for myself , a friend saw it and requested I make one for them. Such a compliment! Since my original post the flag I made completely disintegrated. (It was in direct Florida sun so I'm not surprised.) I found a similar burlap design but made from outdoor vinyl and redid both of our flags. Much better! This is why I hesitate to make this into a side business. I really need to test products for months before I sell them to others!

Tumbler Decal Cricut Craft |

DJ Tumbler Decal Cricut Craft |

My sister requested I make custom cups for their family vacation with her in-laws. Everyone got one, and I was super proud of the one I made my brother in law. (He is a professional DJ!)

Beach Spike Cricut Craft |

Beach Spike Cricut Craft |

Beach Spike Cricut Craft |

I want to make one of these beach spikes for everyone I know! They really come in handy. There is a place for your drink, phone and sunglasses. I was very proud of the design I made for Blake-he is an I.T. guy, so the computer was super appropriate. 

His and Hers Matching Disney T Shirts Cricut Craft |

His and Hers Matching Disney T Shirts Cricut Craft |

I may have shown these T shirts in another post, but I made them for our trip to Disney in September. I bought two men's shirts from J Crew and customized them with matching Minnie and Mickeys. (I bought a size small and rolled up the sleeves for a more feminine look.) In the past I've tried to go as cheap as possible and get a shirt from Walmart (which work just fine.) but, sometimes they aren't very good quality or breathable for that matter. These shirts were clearanced and I used a coupon code and we love them so much more than a cheap shirt. 

Tea Towel Cricut Gift Idea |

Absolutely one of my favorite parts of my machine is the easy gifting. I keep a small stash of blank items on hand for just this purpose. I made this tea towel for a friend's anniversary, and she told me how touched she was and how much she loved it. I didn't want to tell her that it basically cost nothing. I used a tea towel I had gotten for free from Grove Collaborative!

Ya'll Come Eat Kitchen Sign | Cricut Craft |

I saw this blank galvanized sign at Walmart recently and knew I had to get it for a project. I didn't have a project in mind yet, but I knew it'd be perfect for something. I ended up making a cute sign for above our stove! I think I will go back for more of these because there are endless possibilities for gifting. 

Suwannee Bulldog T Shirt | Cricut Craft |

I was also thrilled to make all my favorite little Bulldogs homecoming t shirts for spirit day! My sister in law told me to set up a cart and sell these at the homecoming parade. If I was bold and confident...maybe next year!

Leave a comment below and tell me what you've been crafting lately! And I want to know: what is your go-to gift for someone? Do you keep a stockpile of gifts for last minute situations? 
This post contains affiliate and referral links.

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