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Life Lately #7

Monday, September 9, 2019

This will sort of be a continuation of what we've been up to this summer! Our summers are so full, and sometimes I crave the fall season so things slow down a bit. Then I realize we have been having so much fun this summer! Minus my wisdom tooth fiasco, anyway.

Enjoying the Water! 
We've been able to go out on my sister's boat several times this summer and it has been a blast. There is nothing like the wind in your face.

Also had a beach day with my cousin Anna, who lives in St. Augustine. Genuinely would love to do this weekly. The beach is so perfect there, and my sister and I love to stop at the outlet mall before we hit the beach. Here's a no-make-up-just-happy-faces selfie:

And enjoying the pool at my mom's place! I've really been enjoying the Alba Botanicals Sunscreen this summer. However, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect mineral sunscreen that doesn't make me white as a ghost. 

Trying to master the half-tuck:
I am trying desperately to get the half-tuck right. Some people make it look so effortless! With my body style, I think it helps my proportions if I do it. Here was a day that I felt like I got it right, haha: 

Breweries Galore
Since returning from Europe Blake has been on a quest to find this Belgium beer he fell in love with. We can't find it anywhere, and to ship it over is like $50 just for 4 bottles. So, we've been trying to fill the void with some craft beers. We actually love going to breweries, and boy, there are so many now!

We finally made it to Halpatters, which is the most local brewery to us. We had a really fun triple date night there, and had a blast! To be honest, Blake and I didn't love the beer we tried (there were a lot of choices though, and we haven't tried everything yet!) but, the atmosphere was great. You can't beat live music and hanging out with friends. They also have ping pong and foosball, which is what we were playing in the bottom picture. The lighting in that room was next to nothing, so Blake held up his flashlight which only added to the fun.

We also tried DEEP in Tallahassee, which was GREAT! Their beer is so good, and we bought some to take home. It's kind of in a neighborhood, and not the biggest brewery in town, so it wasn't busy at all. We really enjoyed hanging out with my mom and dad and dreaming of opening our own brewery one day. (4 people who have no idea how to brew beer...we just like to drink it...haha.)

Enjoying Our Own Home
We had some weird down time last week, because of the hurricane. All the projections in the beginning had it coming right up the State, and then we didn't even get a drop of rain. We spent some time prepping-which included buying a new grill. I don't think ours has worked since Irma in 2017, so it was time for an upgrade. 

There was the very slightest hint of fall in the air as well! We know it won't cool down for real here until November or December, but I was really enjoying being outside without feeling oppressed by the heat. In fact, we even sat out on the front porch for a few hours doing work and it was so nice. 

I love our new little fire feature! It was super easy to install, and adds so much ambiance. The grill works perfectly, and I was surprised that even though it's technically a big griddle, you still get grill marks. 

Since this meal, we have since done some pressure washing and bought a little canopy as a grill station. It looks really nice! I'll have to snap a picture to share. We also decluttered and rearranged some of our outdoor decor and furniture. As soon as the temperatures decrease a little, I'd really like to have a dinner party on our back porch

More Boats! 
A big group rented 2 pontoons to take out on the St Marks River and into the Gulf. Oh my gosh, it was the perfect day! It was equal parts fun and relaxing. Plus we got to hang out with friends we rarely get to see. 

I picked up this Columbia Tidal Tee and it is a gamechanger for the sun! It's perfect for covering up, but also dries quickly too. 

Wisdom Teeth Saga Continues
Unfortunately, just as I thought my life was back to normal after having my wisdom teeth removed, I got an infection. My doctor said it was super rare, and not my fault. Apparently a tiny little hole in my gums got some bacteria in it and got infected. 

I was working, and thought I was coming down with a cold. My sinuses were hurting, I had a low grade fever, aches and I went home early. That evening, it turned into brutal tooth pain. The next morning I woke up and my cheek was the size of a tennis ball. It was so painful. I went in to the doctor right away and he was able to help me out. 

Essentially, they had to cut a hole in my cheek and put in a drain. It was so uncomfortable, but I was thrilled to get some relief. I will spare you all the details, but what came out of my cheek was pretty disgusting. That drain, plus 2 weeks worth of the strongest antibiotics have me feeling much better. Within 4 days the swelling was gone, which was the worst part. 

This was me on the way to the doctor: 

It hurts just looking a that cheek! Super interestingly, my doctor said that was the side that was the most straightforward as far as the removal went. In fact, when he figured out what the problem was, he started numbing the wrong area, because it's so rare to have a top tooth get infected like that. I'm glad I spoke up! It was such a rare reaction that several people in the office wanted to look. Great, right? Glad I could provide some entertainment! (No, but seriously, this office is great and I would recommend them to anyone.) 

I still have a pretty big hole in my cheek, but I can eat fairly normally again and life goes on!

Desperate to eat something other than oatmeal, I tried the Chick Fil A Mac and Cheese! I've been wanting to try it, but probably wouldn't have ordered it normally. It's really tasty! Not healthy in the slightest, but really good! 

I always try to end these posts with some pug pics! You know my camera roll has dozens of pictures of these crazy dogs. They've been glued to my side as I convoless. 

 Told you there has been a lot of oatmeal in my life lately. 

Let's Chat! Glad we could catch up! Leave a comment below and tell me how the end of your summer is going. 
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