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Disney Highlights - 2/16-18

Monday, February 25, 2019

My favorite time to go to Disney as passholders is in January and February. The crowds are lighter, the temperature is cooler...all reasons we were excited to go over President's Day weekend with my family. My brother lives in NYC and he is here on an early spring break (he is a teacher.) Well..this was the exact opposite of our favorite time to go!

The temperature was almost 90 degrees and it was PACKED. Apparently everyone had the same idea we did. It really seems like Disney doesn't have a slow season any more. On top of all that our AirBnb was... less than 5 stars, I'll say that. 

In any case, we had a lovely time just being together as a family. Here are a few highlights from our trip!

Day One : Magic Kingdom
19,150 steps
- Me and Blake got to go a day earlier than the rest of the fam. I love going to the parks just me and him. It's so low pressure. Our favorite thing was actually a glass blowing demonstration...we'd never seen that before! It was mesmerizing. 

- We actually left the park around 3pm to go explore a few resorts. The first stop was the Contemporary where we were served delicious drinks by Paul at the bar. I got the watermelon die for!

- Since we probably aren't going to be able to go out for dinner on our actual anniversary this year, we decided to do dinner at the Polynesian this weekend. Delicious!! We ate at Kona, which had delicious pot stickers, sushi and Blake got a drink served in an actual pineapple. 

- Our dinner ended right as the fireworks show was happening across the water at Magic Kingdom. Such a great way to end the night! 

Day Two: Hollywood Studios
15,886 Steps
- My dad hadn't been to HS before, so we were excited for him! He loved Rockin Roller Coaster. 

- Carter was tall enough for Star Tours and his reaction was priceless. That kid is not scared of anything. He needs to grow about 1/2 inch to ride a lot of the rides at the park-so I feel like next time he will get to do a lot of things for the first time.

- I finally got to ride Slinky Dog Dash! It's always had ridiculous wait times. Riding Slinky Dog Dash with my nephew was probably my favorite moment from the weekend! It's so fun and you get a pretty good view of Galaxy's Edge while you are on the ride too.

Day Three: Animal Kingdom
19,722 Steps
- The first thing we did was go back to Pandora and grab a rider switch for Flight of Passage. We split up our group into two, so we were able to get 6 rider swap fastpasses. The wait was 4 hours! (Maybe I shouldn't reveal our secrets but...The way rider swap works: you go up to the attendant and show them the kid. One person waits with the child and they are given a fastpass to ride after the rest of the group goes. That person also gets to ride with 2 other people. So essentially 3 fastpasses. If you had a fastpass for the ride to begin with, their fastpass will activate within minutes. If you don't, the fastpass will activate after the wait time. So in this case, 4 hours later our FOP fast passes would activate.) This ride is so good! I was thrilled everyone got to ride. 

- Serendipitously, we ran into so many friends and family at Animal Kingdom! It's funny that unless you call and arrange to meet somewhere you can go a whole day without running into them. We got to see my cousin Anna and her family. (This is now the 2nd time we've been at AK the same day.) We also were able to run into 1 friend and her daughter, my sister's sister in law and my cousin's cousin (haha). 

- After we all got in our cars to go home, Blake decided he wanted to go back to Hollywood Studios to exchange a shirt he bought. The size was way off. He and I ended up snagging a reservation at The Hollywood Brown Derby-which we had never been to before. The menu never seemed that appealing to me, but we decided to give it a go. It was SO delicious. We both got their famous cobb salad, and I'm now going to try to make it at home. And to top the night off, they had one smaller shirt left of the one he needed.

Over all, our weekend reminded me how hot it can get here. I was lathered in sunscreen and still got pink on my nose. My brother got so burnt, and we had to laugh because he isn't a Floridian anymore! Despite the crowds and the heat, we still had a blast and enjoyed being with each other! 

One of my favorite Youtube channels is TheTimTracker. They have such great Disney content. I was telling Blake that I'd love to run into them at the parks one day. So funny to find out that he was at Animal Kingdom the same day we were! In the video he passes by a character meet and greet with Darkwing duck and I really feel like we were just around the corner from that at the same time. Maybe next time! It'd be cool to meet someone I watch all the time. 

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