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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I feel like lifestyle blogging is really challenging to find balance with! It seems like the more things we have going on, the more topics I have to write about, but less time to do it. Then when we have a slower season, I don't have much to share! 

Because I haven't done this style of post in a while, I've actually got quite a few photos to share! 

Every season EC has a box you can order, full of surprise goodies. I had quite the surprise when I got a giant box delivered to my house. Blake was rolling his eyes at me, because I was swearing up and down all I had ordered was a notebook. Well surprise! I got a free seasonal surprise box! This is something I probably wouldn't have bought for myself, but it was really fun to get! 

My favorite thing in the box was this great mug! I've been using it every morning for my hot tea. Use my link to sign up for Erin Condren and get a $10 gift card!

Smart Bulbs and My New Lamp
It's probably silly to be excited over a lamp, but I've been wanting to add a lamp to our dining room for months, and we finally found the perfect one! Lamp lighting really changes the mood of a room. 

Another fun thing we just did was change all of our main lamp light bulbs with smart bulbs! It's kind of a frivolous thing to do, but we love it. We have Google homes throughout the house and it's easy to turn lights off and on with them. My favorite feature by far though, is that these bulbs are dimmable. Some rooms need bright lights, but when you are watching a movie or getting ready for bed, it's really nice to dim the lights. 

Family Time
We've had lots of family time lately! Blake's parents were with us at the end of December, we had a family wedding reception to attend, I've done some babysitting, and we spent the weekend with my parents that included a visit with my Grandparents! 

Disney Day!
We spent one day last week at Disney with Blake's cousin and her husband. It was so much fun! This was the first time the 4 of us have done something together, just us, so we really enjoyed that. We really wanted to make sure they got their moneys worth so we got to Animal Kingdom when it opened and park hopped to Magic Kingdom and stayed there until it closed! I'm talking 27,000 steps and 11 miles....We had such a fun day, but I was recovering from that for days! 

We wanted someone to take our picture in front of the castle, and all of the cast members had really long lines. (They will want to take a photo with their camera, but they will always use your camera too!) Looking around we decided that the best person to ask to take your picture was the one who was literally laying on the ground to get the perfect Instagram shot of her friend. She didn't speak English-but she got a great shot! 

Day Date
It is SO rare for Blake and I both to have a day off and nothing important to do. We took advantage of it and drove up to the closest State Park for a little hike. I had picked out a 3 mile trail, but the trail head was flooded because of all the rain we've been having. So we just did a shorter trail. It was such an unusually warm day so we really enjoyed being outside. And we packed a picnic! Blake declared that I am probably the only person to bring cloth napkins to a picnic in this century.

Pug Pictures!
It probably doesn't surprise you that I always have a plethora of pug pictures to share!

I am LOVING Beachbody on Demand! It's so easy to use and I've really enjoyed trying out different workouts. Blake has been doing one of their ten minute workouts too. I have the Turbofire DVDs but BOD has bonus Turbo workouts that I've never done before-which has been nice to add to the mix. 

My favorite time workout is first thing in the morning. I have to trap the pugs in our bedroom, otherwise they will get in the way! You can see a perfect example of that below...Blake joined me for the stretch portion on my workout and Winston made himself comfortable.

Okay, that's it from me! We've been busy, but it's been a manageable pace! I'm just trying to enjoy the little things! Leave me a comment with what you've been up to lately! 

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