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Plot: A very dysfunctional family moves to Alaska to start over in the 70's. 
What I Liked: This book was one of those I couldn't put down. The female relationships in this book are really enjoyable to read about. Kristin Hannah is an excellent writer. The Nightingale was better, but this was a really good read.
What I Didn't Like: The first half of this book is pretty dark and heavy. And then for some reason the second half changes to something resembling a Hallmark movie. A reviewer said that on Goodreads and I was like 'exactly!!', I couldn't have said it better myself. 
Rating: 5 stars! Definitely pick this one up. 

Plot: A Japanese organizing specialist walks you through her methods for decluttering.
What I Liked: She has some really valuable tips. Like: "You shouldn't be deciding what to get rid of, you should be deciding what to keep." That really spoke to me. Also, she gave a really good tip about how you should decide where things should go. She suggested putting things not where they are easiest to take out, but rather easiest to put away. I think I've often put things near where I use them, but if you want things to stay decluttered they need to be easiest to put away. 
What I Didn't Like: She talks a lot about herself in this book, and I think she might be the most unrelatable person ever. I'm also not interested in literally thanking my items for their service, although I do think the concept of treating your things well is great. 
Rating: 3 stars. There are some really practical tips here and I think if you need motivation for action this is a good read. 

Plot: This is Carrie Fisher's memoir, including excerpts from diaries she wrote while filming Star Wars.
What I Liked: There are some very interesting parts about her family life, her auditioning process and general perspective. 
What I Didn't Like: This is not the book I thought it would be. I was kind of hoping for more behind the scenes Star Wars stuff. Quickly the book goes into the longest tangent ever about her affair with Harrison Ford. Which could be interesting, but she never actually says anything about it! She talks about something happening, without actually giving details. And that just goes on and on.
Also the diary excerpts did not keep my attention. They weren't so much daily life records, which is what I was hoping for, but rather read like a teenager's private poetry. 
Rating: 2 stars. Just Meh. 

Plot: Mindy Kaling's 2nd book in which she talks a lot about her college experience, some writing on The Office, starting her current show The Mindy Project and general thoughts on friendships and relationships.
What I Liked: Mindy Kaling is SO funny. Her humor is so relatable and honest. I really enjoyed her perspective on a lot of things. In the book she does a quick short story about this imagined version of herself that is so cute and I wished it kept going! Her Harvard commencement speech is also at the end and it's hysterical. 
What I Didn't Like: This is my fault, but I didn't realize this was her second book. I was hoping for more Office related stuff and apparently that's in the first book. 
Rating: 4 stars! If you want a quick and funny read, or you love Mindy Kaling pick this one up! 

I've been doing so much more reading lately, and I love it! It's all because of the Libby app! All you have to do is connect your library card and you can check out ebooks and audiobooks. Of course the more popular books tend to have a waitlist, just like in the physical library. Leave a comment below with what you are currently reading! I'd love some more recommendations.

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