I know I'm not the only one who loves finding new treasures in the aisles of Target! I hardly ever get to go and just browse. I actually usually avoid doing it because I don't want to end up with things I don't need. But, I have 3 new favorite beauty products you can find at Target, and they are definitely worth sharing. 

In an effort to ditch chemically and toxic products in my home, I really cut back on anything with fragrance. In fact, most perfumes and body sprays give me a headache! However, I did miss having some sort of scent. (Especially since my natural deodorant journey is still experimental! ha!) 

I found these perfumes in Target, and was immediately intrigued. These perfumes are minimal ingredients, and the fragrance comes from essential oils. Plus free of a lot of other junky stuff. I LOVE the Daydreamer scent! It reminds me of what I wore in High School-which was Victoria's Secret Endless Love (I think). It comes in a spray, but I'm really digging the rollerball. (Their packaging is so cute too. I totally admit to being drawn in by that alone.)

Good Chemistry Perfume in Daydreamer

Yes To PrimRose Oil Mud Mask
Who doesn't love a good face mask? I love them, but this is the first one that I've actually seen a real difference in my skin after using it. Yes To has a ton of different masks, but I like that this one visibly reduces redness. I bought a couple to have on hand for those nights when I want to relax in a bath. 

YesTo Primrose mud mask

Essie Spring 2018 (Anchor Down, At The Helm, Perfect Mate)
My nail polish collection got out of hand a few years ago, so I really pared it down to just a few trusty colors. I haven't been tempted to buy anything new in a long time. The Essie Spring 2018 was calling my name though! I love all the colors, but fell in love with these three. Perfect Mate is the PERFECT peachy pink. Anchor Down is a very cool shimmery navy. And I've had a major thing for orange this year, so At The Helm was an easy buy as well!

Keeping my nails painted is the only way I keep from biting them, so I've been steadily painting them every few nights. It's been awesome to have a few new colors in the rotation.

Essie Spring 2018

Now, next time you are wandering in Target pop into the beauty aisles and check these guys out! Leave a comment below with something that you always stock up on when you do your Target run!
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