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I knew I became a real adult when I started bypassing all of the clothes at TJ Maxx and started heading straight for the home section! (Kinda love that though.) Most of the stuff that we've bought lately has been boring/practical - but I thought I'd share some things that I'm really happy with. 

I have been using reusable totes for years now to bring my groceries home. But, I was so irritated by the fact that I had to use those dumb plastic bags for produce. Especially when you know that I live less than half a mile from our Publix. Those bags would serve a purpose for less than 20 minutes! I thought I'd need to find some $50 handmade bags on Etsy-but I chanced searching for reusable produce bags on Amazon and found the perfect solution! I love these bags and even the cashiers have been impressed by them. Fun fact: the weight of the bag is listed on the tag if you are worried about getting charged for the heavier weight. 

Zero Waste - Reusable Produce Bags

We may not need this for much longer, if we actually get a Fall this year- but it's been great this summer! This year we finally got a riding lawn mower, and it's awesome. Yard work is still a pretty sweaty activity though, and this towel is perfect for staying cool. I have one for working out too. 

I thought it'd be funny to let Winston take a ride on the lawn mower, but he obviously didn't enjoy it. Blake didn't really enjoy it either because he had to stop-but here he is wearing the towel. 

Okay, this one is completely frivolous but I love it. It's a thin strip of LED lights that you attach the back of your TV. You can choose any color. The light somehow makes the image on your TV pop, and eliminates the need for a lamp. Love them and it makes such a cool night light!

This is turning into Winston next to the products, but hey he's all I ever take pictures of I guess. (Comment below if you loved LOST too! We just rewatched the whole series.) 

We go through kitchen towels really fast because we hand wash dishes, and try to use a towel instead of paper towels. I always by cute ones and they are never absorbent or get ruined after the first mess. I currently love turkish towels! They are so cool looking and they dry out really fast. Found these adorable ones with tassels and I'm very impressed with the absorption. (Seems like they are sold out of the blue, but gray is really nice too!)

Tasseled Turkish Hand Towels

So mundane, yet so life changing! My CRV is going on 7 years old, and the carpets were really starting to show it. The sand was impossible to vacuum out, and my hairs would get woven into the carpet and it was so hard to keep looking nice. I'm in my car a lot! These rubber mats were the perfect solution. All you have to do is hose them off. People don't have to apologize for getting dirt in my car anymore! Also why are mats not included when you buy a car?! 

Google Home
This definitely qualifies as a 'want' not a 'need'! We have it set up in the kitchen and use it every single day. I love playing music while we cook, using the timer function, and asking for details about something we are talking about. We also added a few wifi outlets in the house and it's cool to ask Google to turn those lights off and on. 

Google Home

I loved my Corkcicle so much, that I made sure to get Blake one too. (Whatever it takes to drink more water!) Our vet's office ended up giving us a Yeti as a promo gift for buying so many dollars in pet meds (3 dogs=$$$) and he was happy to have a second cup to rotate out every day. I decided to grab a second Corkcicle myself. You really can't have too many of these things. Add a stainless steel straw and you're all set.

I picked my cup up from a cute boutique that included monogramming. It would be really easy to find a cute vinyl decal on Etsy though. 

Corkcicle Tumblers
Ever since we did our little back porch makeover I've been wanting to get a table and chairs set to add even more seating. The thing to do is wait until the end of the season and you can get a great deal on outdoor furniture! We picked up this one and matching chairs at the beginning of the month. Love it! We've eaten out here many times, and it was so great to have a comfy space to hang out after the hurricane when we didn't have power. Many games of Yahtzee were played. 

You can definately see our back porch in action here where I set it up for friends! (Don't forget to enter the giveaway in that post, because it ends soon!!) 

Leave a comment below if you love home stuff too! Even if it is more practical than fun...I'd love to find out what you guys have recently bought or are currently loving! 
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