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Things We Are Subscribed To

Monday, July 17, 2017

Walmart Beauty Box
I absolutely loved getting an Ipsy bag each month, but pretty soon I found myself drowning in samples. It introduced me to quite a few products, but I decided to pause my subscription. I did however sign up for the Walmart Beauty box instead. It's sent out by season, so winter, spring, summer and fall. Each box is free, but you pay $5 for shipping. Unlike Ipsy, the products in these boxes are very easy to use up quickly. I almost always get shampoo samples, which are great for your travel bag. They often send you 'trendy' products too. For example, in last season's box I got a sample of micellar water, which I had been wanting to try. 

The only thing I know I won't use is the hair gel, but I'll give that to my husband. I'm very excited about the sponges and the press on nails. I haven't done press on nails since middle school, but these are precious!
Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2017

This may be my best money saving tip! Blake and I both have Dollar Shave Club razors, and with our subscription we get a new cartridge of blades every month. We share a cartridge and are able to each get 2 new blades per month. Women's razors stink, and razor blades in general are very expensive!
We get the 'executive' razor blades for $9 per month. We are saving about $25 this way! They also have really nice shaving creams and hair products that can be shipped in your box. 

Dollar Shave Club Executive Razor Subscription

I've gotten a few Stitch Fixes and Blake just got his first one this month! In a nutshell Stitch Fix is a subscription styling service. You fill out an online profile and a stylist hand picks 5 items for you to try on. If you love them, you keep them, and if you don't like then send them back or exchange for a different size. 

The first 2 fixes I got were pretty good, but my 3rd one was my style to a T! Be very specific about the colors you like and give as much information to your stylist as possible. The more I tweaked my profile, the better it got. They also check out your Pinterest boards to get an idea of what you like, which I think is so neat...and an excuse to pin more cute outfits.

Amazon Subscribe and Save
I know that I haven't used this subscription service to the full yet, but I am loving it so far. Basically, you subscribe to certain products, and they ship them to you based on your preferred schedule. So you can get some things monthly, or even every 6 months if that's how often you need it. But, if you subscribe to 5 products at a time, you get a discount. 

Here is what we are subscribed to so far:

With 3 dogs we go through a lot of dog food, so we get a 17.5 pound bag each month. I can't tell you how convenient this is! Since we live in a small town, we can only get this dog food at our vet's office. And to carry a giant bag of dog food out to the car and back home again is such a pain. We've got this subscription synced perfectly. I swear everytime I scoop out the last of the kibble from our big rubbermaid we receive this package on our doorstep the same day. 

As 'professional' hand washers, we go through some dish soap! Mrs. Meyers is great, and I love this soap. The subscription is a pack of 3, so we get this about every 3 months. I think I may up that to every 2 months, because it looks like we are already running low. I did use quite a bit of extra soap when I was making my homemade cleaners, so I'm not sure if that had something to do with it. 

Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products boring, but necessary. We get this 24 pack about every 2 months, but I think I need to adjust this one too, up to 3 months. Still experimenting with the timing! I really like the tube free rolls also. 

Love this stuff! This laundry detergent is free and clear and extra effective. You only need 4 pumps per average load. Method is one of my favorite brands. Your clothes end up smelling really fresh and clean. And the stain fighting power of this is excellent! I splashed homemade spaghetti sauce on my white and blue striped tank top and I swear you can't even tell.  
Grove Collaborative - Get $10 when you use my link to sign up!
This is my newest subscription, so I don't have a firm opinion just yet. Basically, Grove has a ton of natural products that you can subscribe to. I signed up because they were offering a bunch of free products to new members, as well as a trial of their VIP program. I make a lot of my own cleaners, but there are still things I like to use that are from manufacturers. 

You can alter your shipments and easily edit what you want and what you don't. One thing I like is that they send you several reminders about your next shipment so you can change it in plenty of time and there are no unwanted surprises. Their customer service is excellent. My first shipment was delayed for some reason, and to make it up to me they gave me more free stuff. Can't complain about that!

Grove Collaborative Subscription Service

This was my first shipment and I got 11 products for about $22 with all of the new member incentives. Not bad at all! I got: Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap, Mrs. Meyer's Multi Surface Cleaner, Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap, Method Laundry Detergent (10 load small size), Method Squirt and Mop (excited to try this!), Grove Collaborative Dish Brush, Method Toilet Cleaner, Method Antibac Bathroom Cleaner, Grove Collaborative Scrubber Sponges, Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle, Method Wood Polish. (The spray bottle, dish brush, and Mrs. Meyer's products were free!)

If the Grove subscription works out, I may unsubscribe from Amazon my dish soap and laundry soap subscriptions. I'm not sure which is better yet!

Small town life does have it's perks, but I do miss the variety of things available in a bigger city. It's not easy for us to make a Target run, since the nearest one is 45 minutes away! I'm so thankful for online shopping, for this reason. Having my favorite brands delivered to me is such a time saver! And it's also really great to 'treat-yo-self' once in awhile with subscription boxes too. 

Leave a comment below if you are also a big online shopper and subscriber! I'd love to hear what your family gets in the mail each month. I know a lot of people get more than one beauty box each month, so I'm wondering what you do with all of those samples! 
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  1. My mom does the Walmart beauty box! I didn't realize it was so affordable...and the products are definitely more usable than the Ipsy products.

    1. Yes, exactly! I only want stuff I'm actually going to use. Ipsy sent great stuff, but sometimes they would send weird things I never planned on using, and it was a pain to find a friend who would.

  2. I'm subscribed to Dollar Shave Club too! I love it so much more than buying razors from the drugstore, plus it seems like they are better quality. I've never heard of Grove Box. I'll have to check that one out!

    1. The DSC razors are great! The quality is awesome, and even better that it's cheaper than the ones at the drugstore.

  3. How cool! I'm totally trying the Walmart box! I had no idea it'd be free!! Thanks for all of the great tips and suggestions :)

    Katherine |

  4. This was such a fun read! I cancelled all my beauty subscriptions, b/c like you it got to be too many unused samples for me. I love the idea of a free one though! And I didn't know the Dollar Shave Club had one for women- I'll have to check it out!

  5. Love how the States has so many different options for subscription services, etc. I'm going to have to try the Method Laundry Detergent..! At least (I think) we get that here!



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