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Home Tour: The Dining Room

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our dining room is ridiculously huge! Proportionally, I think it's the same size as our living room, but for a room that you don't use a ton, it seems kinda wasted. Ultimately I'd love to combine the kitchen and dining room and spread it out a little. But, for now this is what we've got!

When I look back on the pictures from when I first moved in, I have to smile. I can feel the same feelings I felt when I set up that homey little room. I was so proud! I try not to focus on all the red and brown and all the things that needed painting! I got to it eventually.

You'll see two stages: One with the most uncomfortable table known to man, and the second when we bought our current dining set.

Why didn't I turn on any lights when I took those pictures? Geeze.
I can tell I had no idea what to do with all the extra space. We never sat in that little sitting area. It started being more efficient when Blake built the armoire in the back. This house has zero utility closet space, so we needed something to store things like the ironing board and vacuum. That project took him basically a year to finish, working on it here and there.  It's such a gorgeous piece of furniture, it seems funny to be hiding such ugly things inside! 
The shelves are also long gone. When I purged my book collection, we no longer needed the set of shelves. Instead, I have an antique dresser I repainted with my friend in that spot. It is my version of a bar cart. The drawers are really hard to open, so I only have a few things stored in there. 

Doggy stuff is by the back door. Not the prettiest thing, but they love their bed and it fits pretty well there. To be honest, there really isn't another place in the house for it. I love finding Winston in the kennel, just napping by himself. It's so cute!

Adding chair cushions and a new rug this year gave this room a whole new life to me! We linger so much longer at the table, now that it's more comfortable to sit at. We try to eat dinner at the table every night, just like when I grew up. I love that it stimulates conversation between us and keeps our evenings from being sucked into the tv right away. 

The only thing I'd like to add to this room are curtains. I think it would up the homey factor a little bit. I'm a little stuck though, because the one window is short and wide, and I'm not sure if regular length curtains would look funny there. I hate the short and stubby curtains! 

Leave a comment below if you use your dining room! I'd love to know if you guys eat in front of the tv or if you like to sit at the table! Have you ever had to DIY a piece of furniture to fit your needs? Where do you keep your doggy stuff? 


  1. I love the colors you have in the dining room now! I also think it's so cool how you're using the dresser as a bar cute!

  2. I absolutely love the color scheme you chose! Your before and after posts are always so impressive. You need your own HGTV show lol!

    1. That's only the best compliment I've ever gotten!!

  3. OH I just LOVE IT! You did an amazing job!

    We also want to combine our kitchen and dining room. They're both on the small side, so we want to knock down the wall between them and make a large eat in kitchen.

    We are pretty bad. We only really use the dining room when we have people over. We like to eat in the front of the TV which is a bad habit!

  4. Looks amazing!! I love that rug and it adds some fun into the room!!! Wait, he built that armoire? WOW! I'm well impressed!!!

  5. I love that rug! And I LOVE that Blake built you an armoire!!! That's gorgeous! My husband built us a wine rack for the dining room & I'm obsessed with it :)
    Great makeover!

  6. Y'all have made it look so nice! I love those candle holders.

    xx katie // a touch of teal

  7. Nice color of walls!
    My blog ;)



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