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The next stop on our home tour is the Office! Legally it can't be considered a third bedroom, because it doesn't have a closet. Since we don't have kids, an office is the most logical use for this room anyway. If we did someday have to stick a kid in here, the best solution would be some sort of built-in for a closet solution. 

Blake used to work from home, and he spent so much time in here during that time. Honestly, I think I use this room the most now. It's sort of a museum of all of Blake's stuff though. I'm sorry, but I'm not having Star Wars posters anywhere else in this house. He also refuses to have his golf clubs stored in our shed, so those live in here too. (I can feel the virtual sympathy from all you wives out there.) 

I am so bummed, but all I can find for a 'before' picture is this terrible blurry one! The following picture is one I snapped the day I painted the room and hung up the window treatments, which was about 3 years ago. 

Our most recent update to this room was in May, when we bought this new desk from Ikea! I love it SO much. We had an L shaped desk that wasn't my favorite thing. It had zero storage, which made the top of the desk quite cluttered. In addition to the desk, we bought a matching drawer. It's the perfect size and now all of our unsightly paperwork is tucked away. 

We also LOVE the armchairs in here. We totally scored those when a family member had a yard sale. They are comfy, and the pugs like to jump up there and sleep while I work on the computer. 

I don't hate all the Star Wars stuff, but I'm glad it's contained in here. Blake gives me so much freedom when it comes to the house and how it looks, so I am happy he has a space of his own. Also a space that he doesn't mind me in, and doesn't mind my sparse touches here and there. 

I would like to change out the art in here. What's on the walls is really random, and has been collected over the years. At his work office, Blake has a set of gorgeous framed movie posters that I would like to replicate in here. There are some Star Wars prints, but I really love The Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman and Vertigo. 

Leave a comment below if you have a home office! I'd love to know if you bother decorating it or if it becomes a catch-all like our's seems to. Does your husband have his own space, or do you not mind if his guy stuff is throughout the house?
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