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Homemade Glass Cleaner & Room Refresher Recipes

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I have a sneaking suspicion that when I started cleaning houses for extra money, I started developing a chemical sensitivity. It can't be all that good for you to breathe in harsh fumes on such a regular basis. Bath & Body Works candles and Febreeze plug-ins that I used to love, now give me a terrible head-ache. Have you noticed even Swiffer Sweeper pads are scented? 

The problem is that I LOVE to have a candle burning and for my laundry to smell great! (and with 3 pugs, I really need febreeze!) I started diffusing essential oils as a compromise. Everybody seems like they are on the essential oil train right now and I was super skeptical about the whole thing. I'm definitely not one to do something just because everyone is doing it. 

Admittedly, I am a total believer now. I ended up buying 2 diffusers and have one in my Amazon cart for the car. The scents are so nice and it's awesome that it's a natural scent, free of chemicals. No headaches! 

It's honestly so overwhelming to read about essential oils. There are so many different oils and they can be used for so many different things! I was really hesitant to try anything other than diffusing, just because I wasn't even sure where to start. 

When I ran out of Windex I thought it was a good opportunity to test out a homemade glass cleaner recipe I pinned a while back. To say I'm obsessed with it sounds so dramatic, but I kind of am. I'll put it this way: I tested out the cleaner on the front mirror in our living room, and it worked so well I went on to clean every mirror and glass surface in our house. Including all of the windows and picture frames in the house. I was actually looking for things to clean! 

That gave me the confidence to make a mock Febreeze spray too. I've been so impressed, so I thought I'd share the recipes with you to try out. You'll feel like such a chemist in your laboratory mixing these concoctions up! 

Glass Cleaner
1/4 cup white vinegar 
1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
2 cups water
1 tbs cornstarch 
10 drops essential oil (scent of your choice)
You'll need a glass spray bottle, funnel and a way to label your bottle. 
(I used this spray bottle and this label)
You must shake the bottle before each use. I've used mirror cloths and paper towels and it's always streak free. 

Room Spray
1/4 cheap vodka
20 drops essential oil (scent of your choice)
Fill the rest with water. 
Shake before use. 

I made a citrus room spray, but lavender would be really nice for your linens. I'm going to use these bottles and make smaller lavender sprays for our bedroom and guest room. 

Next up is making a furniture polish, bathroom cleaner and playing around with floor cleaners. Now that I know it's this easy and cheap, I'm ready to start experimenting more! I'm confident in the glass cleaner to start taking it with me to clean other people's houses - in fact, I wish I could go back to the house I did last week and redo their mirrors...

Leave a comment below if you've ever made your own cleaners! I'd love to hear your variations of these recipes, or if you have a tried and true formula for other cleaners. Are you into essential oils too, or skeptical like I was?
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  1. I'm definitely trying to pay more attention to the products I use in my home. I think I will for sure be trying out the room spray!

  2. I have to say, I was a little sceptical like you. But the more I read about essential oils the more I want to give them a try. Thanks for posting this, will definitely be following your tips x

  3. Those bottle labels are so cute! I was like you when it came to the oils craze. I didn't start using them until I started having trouble sleeping, and my mom recommended lavender with a diffuser. It's been a lifesaver, and I've been hooked ever since. I'll definitely be trying out your room spray recipe!

  4. I want to try them so badly. Especially in a diffuser as aromatherapy but they aren't recommended to use around babies under 6 months or kids with asthma. So I'm nervous to try it. I've been compromising and trying to just replace my cleaners with more plant based ingredients & cleaners scented with essential oils.

  5. Ok, so I want to jump on the wagon. But trying to figure out which brand oils I should get has been overwhelming. Help?!

  6. The problem is the popular brands say that only their oils are good. And they are expensive! My suggestion is to find a small set on Amazon and see what you like. Only make sure they are 100% pure oil. Once you know what you like you can invest in bigger bottles.

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