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Camel Coat & Tartan Tote

Monday, January 2, 2017

This outfit totally started with this bag! Mark and Graham have the best selection, and I'm always window shopping. This tartan tote caught my eye last year. Blake offered to get it for me for our anniversary, but since our anniversary falls at the end of February it didn't quite feel like a spring bag. And who wants to get a gift they can't use for months?! 

Well, this fall rolled around, and I was still in love with this bag. So I treated myself! It's a perfect tote, with lots of pockets. My only complaint is that it has started to droop at the top a bit since I've been using it. It gets worse as the bag gets filled up. I'm going to try ironing it and seeing if that helps.

I also needed a new coat this year, so I was really happy when Old Navy had a good sale on their peacoats. Camel is probably the perfect color for my wardrobe. I'm really excited to get to wear it more often! We are still having 80 degree days here, so maybe January with bring a real winter. 

My hair is in that weird in between stage right now! I'm growing it out, but it's still got the long bob thing going on. Headbands have been my lifesaver, I just wish they weren't so temperamental! 

Thanks again to my favorite photographer, Chabeli! They got a new website a few months ago, head over and show some love! 

Comment below with your most recent 'treat yo self' purchase! 

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  1. Cute bag! Try tacking the top of the bag to the straps, the weight of the fabric probably is to blame for the slouching

    1. Thanks, I love it! I figured out that the pockets on the inside need to be snapped, and that keeps it from slouching for the most part. Kinda stinks I didn't figure it out before!



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