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O'Leno State Park: An Annual Tradition?

Monday, December 26, 2016

Two years in a row have landed us at home during winter break! The several years before that had been spent with Blake's parents in North Carolina. It feels so weird to be home, and have extra leisure time. Most weekends we are struggling to fit in as many chores as possible. 

Last year, Blake and I went for a hike in O'Leno State Park and we loved it! I was SO impressed with the well kept trails and how quiet it was out there. It's so quiet you begin to notice yourself breathing. It is almost disconcerting, but would be a great place to meditate! 

My parents and siblings also found themselves with nothing to do, so I suggested going back to O'Leno. I knew they'd all appreciate the exercise, and it's nice to not be all cooped up in the house. Especially since we had another 80 degree day, like last year.

Obviously the majority of our family happiness comes from my nephew Carter! He thoroughly enjoyed himself. I made him a walking stick, but that ended up being a terrible idea because we were all terrified he was going to fall on it. 

Blake and I had fun hiking O'Leno last year, but this time was a bit more enhanced because of the good company! We are hoping to do another State Park trail next weekend, and I plan to share pictures from that adventure as well!

It's my goal to visit every State Park in Florida one day!

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