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Puppy Picture Dump

Thursday, November 3, 2016

You guys just come here for the pug pictures anyway, right?! Because they are constantly being cute, I'm always snapping a picture here and there on my phone. Here are a few recent ones I thought were cute enough to share. Stay to the end to read about why Winston is in a cone! 

Little Winston (aka Winny) has been in a cone for a little over a week. He hates it so much! After his visit to the vet with Fred (who was with us for his shots too!) his right eye was very droopy and watery. I wasn't really worried about it at first because I assumed he was just allergic to something from the vet or his shot. But the next day his eye wouldn't open at all, and then the following morning it was completely clouded. I started googling and that was a huge mistake. I convinced myself his eye was going to have to be removed and he was going to go blind. This further proves to me I shouldn't have any kids! I will worry myself to death.

The vet was so very happy to charge us an emergency fee, but it was worth it to be reassured he wasn't going to be a pirate pug. Turns out he had 2 very small punctures on his eyeball. Mostly likely from playing with his brother, but it could have been anything.  I didn't know this, but eyeballs don't bleed! The cloudiness was indeed a leak, but not blood. He's on a couple of medicines and he has to wear the cone of shame so he doesn't rub it. I could see a huge improvement after the medicine, and he doesn't seem bothered by his eye at all. The vet said he will probably have a scar on his eye and may not be able to see out of that small spot. Pug's eyes are so prominent and vulnerable, I think this happens a lot. 

He isn't looking too happy in this picture, but the photo above this paragraph was actually taken a few days later and it already looks pretty much healed. Still a bit cloudy, but not nearly as bad. We have to take the cone off for him to eat, drink and go outside. Poor thing has basically been in puppy jail! He can't really even play rough with us, just in case. He already wants to chew everything, so he's been extra hyper since we are keeping him restrained.

We do miss Fred! He is such a handsome pug too.  He is happily living with our cousins, about a block away. I can't imagine having 4 dogs at this point...3 is already a huge handful. It's been a challenge to train Winston with Delly and Bailey competing for the treats. It's hilarious actually. Winston is working on "Go in your Kennel!" and Delly will run right in, even though she hasn't even seen that thing in 5 years. 

Leave me a comment: Do you Google everything too? Are you here just for the pugs, haha!



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