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Currently Loving - February 2016

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It's been too long since I've done a Currently Loving, especially since this is actually one of my favorite series to write. It was very hard to narrow down my list to five things this time, so I may just have to do a follow up next month! 

one// New Bedding
Spring cleaning is SO exciting to me! I start getting the itch to declutter and redecorate every year right around this time. This weekend we picked up the cutest bench from a yard sale to go at the foot of our bed. That inspired me to clean behind our bed and and then I went kind of crazy. Made a quick stop at TJ Maxx and walked away with some new bedding. I really really like it, although I'm nervous about those white euros with a black pug. May have to pick up some navy sheets too =]

two//Himalayan Salt Lamp
I've read about Himalayan Salt Lampsbefore. They have a lot of health benefits, apparently. The salt emits negative ions which attract dust and allergens. I decided to buy one because I just thought they looked really cool! The glow is so relaxing and I like how it looks in our living room. But, I have to say, I really do think it works! There is significantly less dust, at least in the living room. You'll have to tell me if you have one! 

three// Ed Hardy Body Spray
I had the hardest time narrowing down my list today, mostly because of all the new beauty products I've been trying! I am so proud of myself for going outside of my makeup comfort zone. In the last few month or so I have found that I am really sensitive to scents. Candles are the worst offenders and I've even stop using my febreze noticeables because of it. Such a conundrum because I love to smell good! Perfumes make me nervous because once you spray it on you can't get away from that scent until you shower-problematic if that scent sets off a headache. Body sprays on the other hand are much less strong and I do much better with them! Super long winded way of saying, I have really been liking this body spray by Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy is so tacky, but I LOVE this scent. 

four//Yes to Grapefruit Paper Mask
Yes to Grapefruit Paper Masks are new I think. I've seen a ton of celebrities Instagram themselves with paper masks on, and I was really curious to see what all the fuss was about. I picked these up at Target. I love anything grapefruit flavored or scented! The mask was really cold going on, but I loved how it felt after taking it off. So relaxing too.

five// Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea
Say that 3 times fast! I've been drinking a ton of tea in the last few months and was introduced to Ceylon Orange Pekoe Teawhen we were at Disney in January! It was SO cold when we were there, I kept ordering hot chocolate and hot tea to keep warm. Disney has a partnership with Twinnings and usually they'd give me English Breakfast or something like that. When they gave me this kind, I was nervous to try it. I'd never heard of it! Don't let the name fool you because there is zero orange in this tea. The taste is really yummy though!

Leave me a comment: What are you currently obsessed with? What do you think of my current favorites? 



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