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Scenes from the Weekend: Insane Inflatables 5k

Sunday, December 13, 2015

I have never been so sore after a 5k in my whole life! On Saturday I joined a group for the Insane Inflatables 5k, and it was a blast! It really was so much fun, but also pretty challenging. I keep finding bruises in random places. Basically it's a 5k with about 10 or so inflatable obstacles. And the finish line is at the bottom of a slide! 

The race starts with an obstacle too. Everyone climbs up a wall, slides down and starts running. Well because everyone's shoes were wet the slide became so slippery I couldn't stop myself down the slide and ended up right on my tailbone! It hurt so bad, but I had to shake it off and keep going. People were running towards me and I had promised to stick with my dad and brother so I had no choice. That actually ending up being the best thing because if I had thought about how much it hurt I may have just given up right then. In all the excitement of the first obstacle, I didn't really think about actually having to run! You really had to pace yourself too because if you ran too hard you wouldn't have the strength for the next slide. 

There was no timer which made this race so much more relaxed than any other 5k I've done. Our group kind of partnered up and helped each other through the obstacles. I was so proud of myself because I didn't do too bad with the ones that involved rope climbing. That was what I was most worried about. I quickly observed that everyone else was focusing on their feet when they should have just used their arms. So I just used my upper body and pleasantly had no trouble. 

I wish I had been prepared for how dirty the obstacles were going to be. There was mud everywhere! We were filthy by the end. I would have worn clothes I didn't care about. It was perfect running weather though! 

I swear my pants weren't see-through! It's just mud from when I fell off the first slide! 

Super weird frog jump! My brother snapped this of me and thankfully he deleted the subsequent photo of me falling on my knees. So graceful.

SO much fun. It was one of the pricier races I've done, the only other really expensive race I did was a Disney one. But I see why. The upkeep on the inflatables must be a lot and I think they probably have really high insurance! I am glad I brought my armband too. I didn't listen to any music but I did make an effort to take pictures with my phone along the way. I also loved that they released runners in waves! It made it so nice not to have to line up at the obstacles and to have space to run at the pace you wanted. So many times I've gotten stuck behind lines of walkers and you can't get around them. 

Leave me a comment: What was the most fun 5k you've ever done? Have you tried the Insane Inflatables race? 

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  1. That looks like such a fun 5K but I can definitely see why you would be sore after.




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