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My top-ten all time favorite songs!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The question "what type of music do you like?" gives me major anxiety! When my brain tries to process the question I can feel a deep cavern open up in my mind and my little brain cells scrambling to find the correct file. I have always had such a variety in my music selection. Country music doesn't even bother me. I went through a phase early in High School of liking harder rock music, which evokes such a funny mental picture- a little preppy white girl listening to some of that stuff. 

Some days I feel like listening to a Disney soundtrack and others I want to belt out a song from 2005! I can't choose just one favorite song, but here are my top 10 favorites! Hit the play button as I explain myself! Also, these are not in any particular order.

one// You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates 
This song just makes me want to dance and it makes me happy! 

two// The Girl - City and Color
If I had to pick a very favorite this might be it. It's like super long too. I actually like all City and Color songs but this one is my fav.

three// Question - Old 97's
This song reminds me of when Blake and I were dating, so it's probably more nostalgia than anything. Such a sweet and romantic song. 

four// Cute Without the E - Taking Back Sunday
I know every word of this song and have such fond memories of screaming it out loud with the windows down in the car. It's on my running playlist too so it always gets me energized. 

five// Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson 
A much more chill song that I love listening to while making dinner or breakfast for that matter. 

six// First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes
Another romantic song that I think is timeless. His voice is so shaky but it sounds so sincere. 

seven// Sugar, We're Goin Down - Fall Out Boy
I love me some Fall Out Boy, hehe. This song takes me right back to 2005 and all that teenage angst. Those feelings are so real and you feel like music is the only way to express yourself. 

eight// Sweet Baby James - James Taylor
This playlist is turning so random! James Taylor makes me think of my mom. She wore out this CD when I was a kid and it just makes me think of that time. I swear I will name my future son James so I can sing him this song. 

nine// Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
They played this on the radio to death, but I still love it and I haven't gotten sick of it yet. Also it makes me think of Rockband and all the fun we had playing that with our friends. 

ten// Island In The Sun - Weezer
Can't do this playlist without including Weezer! I love the whole blue album, but this one is my very favorite of their collection. Perfect drive to the beach song

bonus(es)// Polaroid - Imagine Dragons // She Is Love - Parachute //  Good Life - One Republic
Okay, I knew I couldn't narrow it down to ten. Imagine Dragons is one of my favorite bands so it's hard to pick just one song from them. She is Love is another sweet romantic song. I used to hate One Republic! But, this song was on a Disney commercial and it made me feel all warm inside and since then it's been one of my favorites. 

Leave me a comment: Do we share any favorites? Do you have a hard time narrowing it down too? Do you love all types of music? 

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